by Jan

I am one of those people who love a clean calendar page, an empty notebook, and a fresh start. Come on 2018!

I hear a lot of folks saying good riddance to 2017. I know for some, it’s been rough. But, all in all, Ken and I had a pretty great year.

Generally speaking, most of the hardships taking place are outside our humble home. Inside we are fortunate.

The last few days, our house has been full with super good friends, and we had some very interesting conversations.

One thing that kept coming up, was the hand basket we find ourselves in, as we wonder where we are headed. The state of the world is in trouble. It would seem, we are all doomed.

When we look at the reality of climate change, the sickness of political leaders, the horrors of religion, and world wars that loom, a positive outlook is hard to come by. Big picture stuff is daunting.

On the other hand, when we point the finger inward, and talk on a personal note, we are all happy, healthy, and safe. We all have good plans and high hopes for the next year. It was easy to express our love and gratitude. and more than once we held hands and exclaimed, “YAY!”

Remember that a bumper sticker that asked us to “Think Global and Act local.”  It makes more sense to me now. It is what we do.

We do our best to keep our loved ones comfortable, and safe. We try our best to be nice to our neighbours, and we show up for our community… local action.

The global stuff — well, really all we can do is think about it.


by Jan

We are about to enter the holiday zone.

Ken and I held out pretty well this year. We didn’t peak early and have plenty of steam for all the shenanigans to come.

First off… company is coming. A lot of it!

Company starts arriving tomorrow and throughout the next 10 days, we will have to wash the guest room sheets three, maybe four times, as company comes and goes.

All are welcome. All will be fed!

And if having a house full of friends coming and going isn’t enough, we signed up to cook for the shelter in Sechelt on Boxing Day!

Cooking for the shelter is not new. We’ve been doing it once a month for a while now. I have the process down. Still, I wasn’t planning a holiday cook for them, but the call went out that no one in the community had signed up to cook for Boxing Day. So, what the heck.

In the words of my brother Art, “You can do it!”

I figure even though we’ll have a house full folks – I’ll be in the kitchen anyway, so why not put together another meal for 20 while I’m at it?

I’ve always said, I’m sorry we need to cook for the homeless and I’m so grateful we are able.

I’m also so very grateful to be able to host a plethora of friends. If your are in the neighbourhood — drop by. As the saying goes… the more the merrier!


by Jan

This last summer, our friends talked us into getting cell phones. When we said we had no use for them, they told us that is exactly what folks said about the horseless carriage, and electric light back in the day. Fine then. We got them.

I admit they are handy, if not super time consuming.

I can now text Ken, when supper is ready. I’m at the ready when anyone plays Words with Friends. I sometimes use the timer, have used the GPS, and if I haul the phone with me, it counts my steps when I go for a walk. I also use the camera, but the one my brother gave me a few years ago, is better – just not easier.

I used the google for a lady at the grocery store yesterday. Neither of us knew the difference between Fancy molassas and Black strap, but now we do. (Thanks Alegra!)

I’m not convinced we are getting our moneys worth, but we are in it for a two year contract. Plus now we are great friends with the employees at the Telus store now.

Around the same time we got the phones, our friends also signed us up for Netfliks. Again, catching us up with the rest of the world.

And again, what I find, is Netfliks is super time consuming.

Netfliks consumes my time, not because I get sucked into binge watching a series or anything. I get sucked into looking for something good to watch. I spend more time scanning the menu than on any show. After a while, I give up and go back to watching TV recordings of Perry Mason, cooking shows, or my good old fall back, Say Yes, to the Dress, (don’t ask or judge)

So far on Netflicks, I’ve watched The Crown and enjoyed it. I’ve seen Frankie and Grace, and some of cooking documentaries about Chefs. But, really — all the hot and trending shows are not my style, and like I said, I spend more time looking at the Netflick menu than on any real entertainment.

I can’t handle the violence that popular shows make common. I’m not a fan of sci-fi and murder is not entertaining to me. Okay, I like Miss Fisher, and Murdock – but they are on regular TV, so I’m caught up.

Netflicks is much cheaper than our cell phones are though, so I figure if we watch at least one movie a month it will be worth it. So far, I’m still not convinced.

I’m open to suggestions…
My caveat — no guns, violence, war, or mans inhumanity to man shows. Yet, on the other end of the spectrum —nothing as mindless as watching a dysfunctional family cope, or Say Yes to the Dress either.

Still, I’m open, sort of.


by Jan

What did you do today?
I made these weido things.

My version of a crèche?
All that’s missing is LBJ.*

Perhaps my life is quite interesting after all! hee-hee.

*Little Baby Jesus


by Jan

I was told by one friend, that I have an interesting life. I really don’t. I have a good life and am very lucky to be able to spend the day however I like.

I think the reason she thought I lived an interesting life was because of the Facebook contests I hold. I ask silly questions and hold these contests for no other reason than to have fun. Plus, I enjoy sending out cool prizes to the winners.

I stole the idea from Bo – the Eat More Kale guy. Bo hasn’t held a contests in a while, but he used to; they were fun — and, I copied him.

Contest time is probably more fun for me, than for those who play. I like thinking up questions for people who know me, yet may be surprised to know “that” about me. (That is what makes my life seem interesting.)

More than anything – I like the randomness of contest time. Nothing ventured, nothing gained and I do my best to make them so people have to just plain guess.

I have questions like… What am I cooking? What crafty thing am I up to now, Who snores louder, me, Ken or Boze? I like multiple choice and true or false questions, two truths and a lie style of questions. Basically harmless, yet hopefully fun questions.

The prizes are simple too – everyone gets something different. Most of the prizes depend on my mood. Also, certain prizes are chosen after I pick the winner. They usually depend on whether I need to mail them, or walk it across the street. (Postage matters!)

Some people told me they don’t play, because they aren’t sure of the answers. I also notice that most past winners don’t enter. All I can say to that is — you can’t win if you don’t play. I set up the contests so they truly are a guessing game. It’s rare that any one already knows the answers.

Here is a bloggy bonus contest –
True or False: The next contest I hold, I will “unfriend” anyone who doesn’t play!

Here’s a hint…You’re a mean one, Mr. Grinch! Hee-hee.


by Jan

Language warning…

As anyone who reads this knows, I like Facebook. Still, for me… Facebook has to be fun. It is not the place, for me to get news or even change the world. I also don’t like to debate, voice my outrage or defend my stance on the FB platform.

I don’t sign petitions, click on “What famous Disney Star are you?” and for the most part, I scroll as fast as I can away from the daily politics, especially the ones coming out of the states.

Of course every once in a while, I can’t hold back.

There are times, I’m compelled to say #tRumpyoufucker! I mean it too. What a fucker!

Remember Lenny Bruce? In 1966, he was arrested for saying nine words on stage. They were: ass, balls, cocksucker, cunt, fuck, motherfucker, piss, shit, tits.

George Carlin’ did an entire routine with the last seven of those words. The ones you weren’t to say on TV.

Today, despite the U.S. constitution and the first amendment — the CDC has been told to ban the use of these seven words…vulnerable, fetus, transgender, evidence-based, entitled, diverse and  science-based.

First they came for (fill in the blank)_________. We have to say — not today fuckers!

My friend Lauren, who is a shaker and mover threw down the gauntlet by saying, “This vulnerable fetus could grow up to be a healthy transgender adult if it is allowed the evidence-based prenatal care to which it is entitled. Diverse science-based studies have shown this outcome repeatedly.”

I really do wish I was more articulate — the only words I can think of now are, tRump you, ass, balls, cocksucker, cunt, fuck, motherfucker, piss, shit, tits. Bite me!


by Jan

It’s the time of year I start thinking about a new motto to carry me through the next year. (I do like little sayings, bumper sticker philosophy, and quotes.)

It’s also around this time of year, I start to wonder what the heck this years motto was, and did it live up to my expectations or did I totally forget it and move on to something else?

I am happy to say, the motto I set for 2017 was “Back to Better.” After some serious head trauma that wreak havoc on my health – I am happy to say that as of this writing… I am back to better. So… Yay!

I have a few ideas in the running for the next year. I’m close to choosing, but still have time, so we’ll see where I’d like to go, what I’d like to see and how I’d like to act in 2018.

I’m not rushing into anything.

I did get some inspiration from a book Scott Kelly wrote. He’s the astronaut who spent a year in space at the ISS. He will now spend, the rest of his life, being a test subject for NASA.

I’m surprised by my curiosity of all things space right now. I blame and/or give credit to Chris Hadfield for this. Actually my interest is not just space, but the astronaut life.

I can tell you without any doubt – I do NOT have the right stuff for that job.

There are times an astronaut needs to wear a diaper when they work. I felt I needed a diaper just reading about some of the adventures astronauts encounter everyday. Whew!

That being said, some of the best advice I’ve ever heard came from Scott Kelly in his book, Endurance. Kelly is a super macho, jet fighter pilot, a fix it kind of, can do, type of guy.

His good advice? He said – “Most problems we face in life do not require rocket science. But, if one does…. Get a rocket scientist to help you figure it out.”

Simply – ask for help when you need it, from someone qualified.

Ken has always said, most things in life do not matter one little bit. The trick is to find out what does matter and pay good attention to it.

Basically – if you need the help of a rocket scientist — find one!
If you need help from a head injury — find Monica Cleland!


by Jan

Today rambles has turned into a bit of a rant.

Lately I’ve been listening to a lot of qigong teachers being interviewed and PBS is showing “Qigong Flow”. They are offering the Complete Qigong DVD library as a gift when you donate to the public TV station.

Now, my first reaction to this was “main stream qigong” Yay!

However, I am disappointed by all the bliss ninny crap, that is presented along with the information.

The man speaks well about the art of Qigong. I agree with a lot of what he says. Simple movement and breath awareness are good things.

But, what makes me crazy is how the “package” sold.

First off …… the setting of the practice is outside in a “magical” place. There is old growth forest, high mountain water falls, pretty steams of water running, and out of nowhere – flutes and gongs provide spacey music. Then of course there is the hypnotic way the instructor speaks; super slow and sickly sweet, add the uniform of a silky robes and of course… bare feet!

Then the guy says, HE took over 7,000 basic moves and created this simple form for “regular” folks. Lucky for us he has taken “all that knowledge,” and created a DVD that is now perfect for everyone!

Now, I don’t begrudge the guy making a living. I’ve sold the art too. I actually made a good living teaching the practice. Qigong is an extraordinary healing art. I know for a fact that raising your hands can change your life….

BUT… it’s not magic! So, why do we have to make it sound so fucking mystical, ancient, and weird?

It isn’t rocket surgery!

Here’s a fun tension relieving exercise you can try right now in your own home. All you have to do to change negative energy into positive is …. Hit delete after spilling your heart on a page!

P.S. We teach what we need to learn!