push hands reference video

We put these short films together to serve as reference for the barehand partner work of the Yang Curriculum. Students who have already been introduced to the material should find it useful – these are not meant to be instructional, but more of a notebook to be referenced when questions arise.

We’d also like to say, the following was filmed in September of 2007. We did our best to show our knowledge and understanding of the work to date. Tai Chi is a progressive art and is all about change. We assume we will change and grow and gain a better understanding of the art in years to come. So, it is with humility we present our take on the Yang Curriculum.

Jan Parker & Jim Madras
January 2008

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small reference screenshot


CD* contents:

8 Preparatory Drills

#1 – Peng vs.An, single hand
#2 – Peng vs.An, two hands
#3 – An vs. Lu
#4 – Two Hands, single roll-back
#5 – Two Hands, off centre push
#6 – Roll-back, Press
#7 – Two-Hand fold-ups
#8 – Vertical Circling
Full 1-8

Four Hands

Forward Timing
Backward Timing

Direction Changes

1 – Cross Hand Reversal
2 – Replace Spriral Reversal
3 – Rolling Reversal
4 – Sitting Wrist Return
5 – Hinder Spiral
6 – Lowerhand Reversal
7 – Chop Reversal
8 – Flat Palm Fold
9 – Universal Change


Moving Step

Follow Step
Cover Step
Circle Stepping
Cover/Follow Change 1
Cover/Follow Change 2
Follow/Cover Change 1
Follow/Cover Change 2
Exchange Stepping


Da Lu

Da Lu – Chop
Da Lu – Step Around
Da Da Lu

Chop wins
Chop loses

Bend Backward wins
Bend Backward loses

Press wins
Press loses


Taiji San-shou Form (88)

Bridge 1: Jim ‘A’
Bridge 1: Jan ‘A’

Bridge 2: Jim ‘A’
Bridge 2: Jan ‘A’

Bridge 3: Jim ‘A’
Bridge 3: Jan ‘A’

Bridge 4: Jim ‘A’
Bridge 4: Jan ‘A’

Bridge 5: Jim ‘A’
Bridge 5: Jan ‘A’


*1 Gb flash drives will be replacing the CD as the carrier for the JanJimJam notebook projects. The videos will work exactly as they did before, but unlike the CDs, the Flash drives are reusable/repurposable. And they’re way cooler looking, and smaller.

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