— eight pieces of silk

There are many variations of Qigongs called Eight Pieces of Silk. This version was taught to me by my second Tai Chi teacher Mr. Chan. The moves are energetic and beautiful and provide a great opportunity to study hip and waist movement along with the mind body connection we strive for in every qigong practice.

Plus, the Eight movements have very flowery names. What more could you ask for?

– Jan


Included in the Qigong Series:

Eight Pieces of Silk full practice video

 Videos of individual movements:

  1. Wind in the Willows
  2. Angel Painting
  3. Embrace the Moon
  4. Dragon Spreads Her Claws
  5. The Old Monk Swings His Sleeves
  6. The Lion Rolls the Ball
  7. The Woodman Points the Way
  8. The Fisherman Spreads Her Net


eight pieces of silk screenshot