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Welcome to my bloggything…

by Jan

This is where I practice scribbling my thoughts, post photos, and allow rambling insights.  Thanks for the visit. Please, feel free to add a comment or in join a discussion. Say what you mean, mean what you say, just one rule: Don’t say it mean!

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by Jan

I’ve meant to write something on this bloggy thing for a while now. Mostly, so as not to have my latest political rant as the post that comes up first, if you happen onto the sight.

The challenge is… I must write if I am to post anything. And, writing is hard!

I know, I know… I heard something years ago, about practice making anything easier, but… well… blah, blah… I continue to make every excuse I ever heard.

So, here we go.

I have loads of topics to choose from. Life is so bloggy worthy.

For instances…
Ken and I went to the Maritimes. We had a great trip.
The season turned.
We thought about moving, then decided to stay put.
Company comes and goes, and comes again.
We took the van out for a mere 3 day trip.
I took a felting workshop from the world famous Moy Mackay on Vancouver Island and stayed with friends in a house on a lake.
I flew on the Harbour Air sea plane, and sat in the co-pilot seat.
I’ve made a quilt or two, and gave several more away.
Ken’s made things out of wood, but they are a surprise, so I can’t tell you about them here.
Our health is good.
It seems we did this and then we did that… Our daily routine is comfortable and easy.

I’m not sure where the day goes, but time passes and before you know it, I’m waking up again and thinking it would be a good idea if I wrote!

Then there is MuMu! A dog like her deserves her own bloggy thing! Apparently, I can go on and on about her!

This doggy has made our life better. Everyday, she makes us laugh and adds joy to our world.

As you know, she was a bit chubby when we got her and had a hard time walking.

I am happy to report, she was 34kg when we first got her, and yesterday, she was 28kg! For those of you who think in pounds and not kilos, she was 74 pounds when we got her and today is down to 62! Twelve pounds down! Toot-toot!

Friggen rock star! She is so frisky and happy now. Job well done! She could lose another 3-5 more pounds, but there is no hurry. Looking back — wowza. Good dog!

Here are some before and after shots. On the left with Ken in July. On the right, running free yesterday!







Okay – I’ve rambled and posted.


by Jan

Canadians go to the polls on October 21st.
Before I get going, please note: The liberal party of Canada is NOT liberal, in the way people in the US defined liberal. In Canada, if you are to lean left — you would vote NDP or Green.

Okay, here I go.

In theory we have several political parties to choose from. The Green Party, the NDP, The People’s Party and yes, even the Rhinos are running in some ridings, but until we have true proportional representation, the race usually comes down between the Liberals, lead by Prime Minister Trudeau, and the Conservatives with a trump wanna be leading, named Andrew Scheer.

Being a voter is hard these days, and being a politician is insane. It is so easy to screw up what you stand for. For example; wearing black and brown face to parties when you are in your 20s — not good. Photoshopping out a plastic straw from a water bottle you are drinking from — just dumb. Making cruel remarks made about same sex marriage, and not apologizing … horrid.

Mud slinging and stupid antics aside, most of the parties and people running, at least talk like they care about the people of Canada, the environment, and the rights of all people. It is 2019 after-all.

The conservatives, on the other hand don’t. They seem only to be concerned with big money. They are climate deniers, and use religious rhetoric to spout their way, are anti immigration, and seem hell bent on taking away the rights of the people in the LGBTQ community.

I honestly fear for Canada if this party gets into power. I can easily see Canada could go down the path the states have… and the polarization that I see and feel is terrifying.

Now, let me be very clear here. I’m NOT saying you need to vote or think like I do. (Even if I wish you would!) Yet, I feel if you vote for the conservatives, up here, you are voting for hate, even if you say, yeah… but… the economy, the taxes…

When we first moved here, Ken and I volunteered at the Botanical Gardens. It was great fun and good work, until we found most people there, thought the then PM Harper, was a great guy.

Talk about a conversation stopper! What also stopped was our volunteering there. I just couldn’t spend time with people who were openly racist, talking about “them.” And since we were new to town and had not yet, made friends, it was fairly easy to walk away.

A while ago, my PAWMA sister, Jamie Leno Zimron posted something on Facebook, and reading it made an impression on me. I’ve thought about the truth of this quite often.

Jamie wrote, “I came out in college, age 20, and used to speak on panels a lot ~ I’ve always felt that people have 2 choices once they meet me, think I’m a good person, and then hear I’m gay: They can either change their opinion of me, or change their opinion of “homosexuals” / gay people. People need to know each other, to get past all the fear, judgments, stereotyping, prejudice, separation. It’s true across the board ~ We need to make and take every opportunity to meet and know one another. Change happens, starting at the personal and human level.”

What stuck with me, was “They can either change their opinion of me, or change their opinion of “homosexuals” / gay people.” It’s true. Change happens when we get personal.

We go happily along in our community and then we get personal. We learn something about someone that may surprise us. We are challenged, our values are questioned, and we see we need to somehow get past all the fear, judgments, stereotyping, prejudice, separation that the new information may bring. Because, somethings gonna change!

Now, replace the word “we” with “I” in the above paragraph, and you have the gist and struggle of this post.

Honestly, I assumed I would always choose love. Of course my friends hold different interests from me. Hell, Ken and I share very few common interests. What we share are values, principles, and ideals, and we hold our relationship strong because of this.

When I learned a friend, who I admire and count on, is supporting the conservative party, I find a knot in my gut and fear something is gonna change.

I was told, “We need to agree to disagree.”

Now, if I am to do that, I would need to put my head down and ignore what I know, both about the conservatives, and my friend.

But, dammit, if I choose to over look and change my mind about the conservative party, I’d need to overlook all ethical, educational, or moral fibre I hold.

If I change my heart about my friend, I lose them in my life.


I have a lot of LGBTQ friends, family members, and love ones. How could I ever face them if I “agree to disagree”? Yet, how do I turn a blind eye on this particular friend as well?

I could tell myself, we can agree to disagree and not mention it again. We can pretend, nothing has changed… but… more has been revealed and the stakes are too high to be ignored.

Is this what a parent of a gay child feels if they’ve been told some shit all their life, then their loved one comes out? For me the THAT choice is easy. Fuck the hate — love the person!

Alas, right now, I need to find a way to love a person with totally different ideals than me, or say goodbye.

Agreeing to disagree, is total bullshit here. Cutting ties is crap as well.

My father and I held polar opposite ideals when it came to politics — he told me once that NOTHING I could say would make him change his mind. I do not want to be as closed minded.

Yet, people who vote to limit the rights of others and the demise of our environment… well… Fuck!

I think we can agree on one thing for sure, no matter who wins this election, we are losing, losing, losing.


by Jan

What’s in a name? A rose by any other name will smell just as sweet. Right?

My name story has always been a puzzle to me.

See, I come from a long line with both sides of my family, naming the children after their parent, and grandparent.

For example:
My Granddad Hudson was William, my dad was William, my brother was William.
My Grandfather Chambers was Arthur, my Uncle was Arthur, his son is Arthur and my brother is Arthur.
My Grandma Hudson was Pearl, her daughter is Pearl
My Auntie is June, her daughter is June
My Uncle is Robert and his son is Robert.
My Grandmother Chambers was Alice, my mother was Alice, … I am Jan.

What the heck?
Also, I am not Janice, Janet, or Jeanette. My name is Jan.

As a child, and still at times today, I wish I’d been named Alice, like my mom and her mom, or even Pearl… but, as it turned out, I am Jan and I answer to it.

So, what’s in a name?

Eight weeks ago, we got a dog, a wonderful dog! And, we’ve had a heck of a time with her name.

She came to us as MuMu. MuMu, the sweetest dog ever.

She was also over weight, out of shape, and a bit lethargic. It didn’t seem to matter what we called her, as long as we talked soft and sweet to her.

She paid attention, would look us in the eye, and while she is not trained, she is a good dog! She loves Ken, yet has attached herself to me. We loved her on first sight and are happy we are all together.

Still, neither Ken nor I could get our mouth around calling her MuMu!

I tried calling her Susie for a while. Nope, that was no good either.

I suppose out of habit or laziness, we started calling her Boze! Just like our dog before her. After all, I had three cats named Peet, what’s wrong with two dogs named Boze? She looked similar and we already had the tag.

The thing about all the Peets, we got them as kittens and orange cats tend to have the same personalities. Peet certainly did and all were great cats. Peet was Peet.

So, when push came to shove, Ken and I decided on calling this dog Boze too. She’s on record at the vets and has a city of Sechelt license.


Now, in the last 8 weeks, she has lost 4.4 kg and is now a frisky, five and a half year old puppy! She also has shown us a real stubborn streak, and believe it or not, there are times, she totally ignores us!

The other day, I was talking with the friends who dog sit for us. They sheepishly told us, they call her MuMu. They just don’t see Boze in her. They see and love a very happy MuMu.


So… I experimented. I started calling her MuMu.


MuMu turns to look at me every time I call her name! She pays attention when she hears MuMu. She pops her head up, and responds when I call out MuMu. She comes to MuMu and wags her tails ferociously. (Okay, she has always wagged her tail with vigour.)

Apparently, having a particular name for five and half years sunk in.

The last 8 weeks have been wonderful, and also must have been super confusing for her. There have been loads of change,

Not just the person she lived with changed, but her diet, her exercise, her toys and the games, she played are different. Her location, routines, and well, her name have changed.

Yesterday, when I called her MuMu,, I witnessed another change. Her face was different, more relaxed. It actually seemed like she had been lost and now is found.

She’s a good dog. She likes us, and we her. We are lucky we found each other.

Susie, MuMu Bozie doodle dog, Boze, Sugar, Sport, Cecilia, Puppy, Doggy, Hey you…. MuMu!

What’s in a name?

I think I learned it’s not so much what anyone calls you, it’s what we respond to, that matters.

We will learn to get our mouth around our dogs named, MuMu and will get a new tag.

Meet MuMu… again.



by Jan

While I don’t update this bloggy thing very often, I do think about it everyday. Okay, not true, what I think about everyday is writing.

I feel to get any story down, I need the opening line or at least a topic or a rant to get me started.

This weekend, I found the rant.

A little background.

About six months ago, I made a big change in a life long habit.

I quit eating snacks. I did not go on a diet. I just quit snacking.

Well, lordy, lordy… go figure, I’ve lost more than 15 pounds because of this one giant change.

I could write a billion stories about me and my weight and the struggle to be, and the acceptance of reality and blah, blah, blah… I’ve wanted to lose 10 pounds since I was in high school, but I also never wanted to change anything. Now, a mere 46 years later… I have.
Anyway – it’s been quite a journey.

Now, a side effect of losing weight is… my pants are baggy. I’m wearing a belt for the first time in my life. I don’t necessarily need or want new pants though. It feels nice to wear something with a bit of breathing room.

Still, this weekend, we went to a yard sale, and I found a couple pairs of jeans, in a smaller size, and without trying them on, I thought I’d take a chance. They looked almost new and were only two bucks.

When I got home, I noticed that both pairs of jeans have big important, fancy designers labels on the back pockets. Ooo-La-La.

Yippee, the pants fit… $2. well spent.

Except… and here is the rant…

Fucking women’s jeans made by fancy dancy designers have the smallest pockets EVER!


In case you are a designer reading this, please know… women carry shit in their pockets! I mean, there’s absolutely no room for keys, change, not even a few dog treats. My thumbs barely fit into these pathetic designer after thoughts. No one can call them pockets!

I don’t usually comment on the different ways things are marketed to men and women. (okay, yes I do) For instance, Ken’s barber charges him $15. to cut his hair, my barber changes me $40. I buy men’s face cream at the Saturday Market because it costs $5. less than the face cream the same lady makes for women, with the same ingredients!

What ever… but… Pants all pants, (no matter how good your bum looks in them)… ALL pants, and most dresses, need usable fucking pockets!

Once again, I am reminded of the amazing life I am fortunate to live, if this is my great offence today. Double whew.


by Jan

It’s hard to know the road not taken.

Yet, I do try to image it.

I like to image that, my life is exactly as I live it today, with the ONLY difference of, at times I’d like to sit on the deck and enjoy a glass of wine, maybe a bit of scotch.

However… that is not my reality today.

I know full well, I am as unique as the next person, and am told I ride a slippery slope.

Yet really, so much of what I’ve been told about being able to stay sober, has not been true for me.

I was told, for instance, that I’d have to go to meetings for ever and ever, if I wanted to stay sober. That’s not true. I was told, I had to have a spiritual solution to my “problem”. Again, that’s not true.

I do not believe in a power greater than myself. I have not and will not turn my will and my life over to any made up anything. I am not powerless, and thinking is an amazing asset.

I am sane, smart, loved, and teachable. I am open minded and quite willing to take life on life’s terms.

I know who I am, I’ve done the work — I have a story.

What is true about my sobriety is I will never know the road not taken. At least, I won’t find out today.

Today, I sally forth, and live happily with my decision not to drink booze.

Tomorrow though… tomorrow, I will revisit my decision. Just as I’ve done everyday for the last 35 years.

And tomorrow once again, I’ll choose which road I want to take.



by Jan

About two weeks before I met Ken, I got a dog.

I’d had it with relationships and decided enough is enough, I would be “a girl and her dog!”

I will also say, I knew nothing about what it took to have a dog. Nothing. But, I saw an ad in the paper, and went to meet Laska.

Laska was a 5 year old Borzoi’s and “not up to standard.”  An older couple had their hands full and wanted to give her a better chance. Little did they know – I had no clue, but still, I was determined to be “a girl and her dog!”

Somehow we would be just fine, and off we went together into the world.

Two weeks later, I met Ken and moved to Colorado. I was now a girl with a dog, that lived with a boy and his cat!

Ken had a fenced yard and all was just fine. Ignorance is bliss, or maybe the way people had pets back in the day was different. We thought nothing of leaving Laska in the yard as we went about our business. There was no routine around the dog.

We fed her, and played with her sure… but, in truth we treated her as one would a cat. She was very “independent”.

We have some wonderful memories with Laska.

She was a runner! Once when we were in Taos, she ran down a jack rabbit in three feet of snow! She was quite proud dragging that rabbit up to show us.

She would run in circles in the yard when a particualr neighbour rode his motorcycle pass her. She had a way of jumping the fence when we were gone, and was always home when we returned. I told her, if she would jump back in, we’d never know that she had been out cruising!

She didn’t like anyone in uniform, (girl scouts included.) We called her the meter reader eater!

Did I mention she could run? A Borzoi is a Russian Wolfhound, Laska looked like a greyhound covered in collie fur. A sight hound and super fast runner. Once, on the Oregon coast, we measured the paw prints she left in the sand when she ran. They were over six feet apart!

Zoom was her favourite speed.

Laska was happiest when we moved to the house in Oregon with a bit of acreage.

Honestly thinking about it now, I am horrified at how little care or attention she got from us. We let her run free up there. She came home at nights, slept in the bedroom with us on her own bed, but for the most part — she was “independent.”

Laska was smart, yet, because of the “freedom” we gave her, it was no surprise that she also had a serious stubborn streak. When she didn’t want to do something, especially if I wanted her to… all hell would break loose. Oh the drama!

Honestly, I could get so angry and frustrated with her. She could really get my goat!

It was a good thing, Ken and I could tag team when she or I got in one of our moods! Ken had the patience, I lacked.

When Laska was 11 or 12 she got sick and her running free days were over. We were lucky to have a friend who was a vet, come to the house. She died in our arms. Oh, we cried and missed her.

It was quite a few years later on Bowen Island, that Ken and I got another dog.

We were super lucky to get Lucy. We knew a little more about what a dog needed in the world, but Lucy was so smart, and she taught us what to do and not to do. Lucy was the one who showed me, that dogs are NOT cats and should not be treated as such!

Then came Cricket and after her, Boze. Two absolute perfect dogs for us. Both were loving, and well behaved without issues and super sweet personalities.

This all brings me to our current joy –  SusieMuMuBoze!

We call her Boze. I had three Peets, so another Boze only seems fitting.

Now, while ALL the Peets had the exact same personality… this Boze, is a bit different from the first Boze, in that she has a serious stubborn streak, that reminds me of our dear Laska!

When she does or doesn’t want to do something — she can hold her ground. We’ve had a few stand offs that make us glad we are retired, and have all fucking day!

Boze2 has no problem jumping onto the bed or sofa, but “needs” help to get into the car. Twenty minutes can pass, as we all wait for her to get in. BTW – she takes less than 2 seconds to get out of the car.

We try to have a steady routine for her now. She’s had a lot of changes in her short life and we want her to know she is safe and well loved.

One standard ritual is that she and Ken go pee in the back yard together, first thing in the morning; then again last thing each night.

so, last night, just like clockwork — she and Ken went for their nightly whiz and well… her stubborn streak set in and there was a stand off. The two of them were in the back yard for over 45 minutes.

Go pee! No! Sniff, sniff… wander, wander… Go pee! NO! The dog would NOT pee.

I know Ken to be one of the most patient men in the world, and he was sorely tested.

I can say, we don’t ask much of a dog.— really we only ask what we expect of a child. Be polite and come, sit, stay and go. A dog doesn’t need to do tricks for us, but they should have a pee before calling it a day!

This sweetie SusieMuMuBozie doo dog meets all our criteria. She’s a good natured delight. Her personality is starting to shine through, and fair enough, she is testing us and her boundaires.

We are good dog people now, we’ve learned a lot since dear Laska. There is no doubt that we are her people, she is our dog. Ken and I know the value of consistency and feel we are reasonable in our requests.

Last night, Boze won.

She went to bed with a full bladder. Ken called it a night fed up and frustrated.

Oh, the drama, trauma, joys, and celebrations a pet can bring.

We were told Boze will be six years old in November, but I think maybe they are wrong. She’s acting more like she was born in May, as she has the stubborn and steadfast traits of a Taurus or a Borzoi!

She reminded me of Laska last night. SusieMuMuBoze gave Ken that loving look of… I know what you want… but… NOPE, not gonna happen!

As of todayt –  the score is Jan and Ken 2,000 and Boze 1.
On we go!


by Jan

I feel the need for a ramble on.

This bloggy is not so much a platform for news, as it is a place, for me to practice writing. (A practice I am lazy about.)

It must be summer as company comes, goes and comes again and again! Our calendar is booked. If you want to visit, reserve your room soon — we are now booking for 2020!

A friend asked, wasn’t I an introvert? And was all this company hard? And how do I do it? Easy answer – Ken and I have the best friends, and all are welcome to visit! If we are busy or overwhelmed — we say no or not now.

Our friends know us well enough not to expect to be entertained constantly. They know to make themselves comfortable and at home, and Ken and I do too.

Plus, I know how to cook now and that takes a huge stress off having folks around. I can easily feed anyone. We have a house cleaner and I know how to do laundry! Sitting on our deck provides entertainment with crusie ships sightings, and eagle flying overhead. We don’t need to sing or dance for anybody.

Ken and I are not big travelers, so we are grateful people make the effort to visit us. Sechelt isn’t the easiest place to get to, so when folks do come — we do our best to make the effort worth it.

We  live in one of the prettiest places in the world — I doubt we would have that much company if we lived in, say… Nebraska…

Now, on to more important topics…


SusieMuMuBoze is about as perfect a dog as we could ask for! She is as laid back as any Parker I know and fits right in.

She is learning that daily walks are part of the deal. No more table scraps and diet food with one calorie treats are what she is fed. She will be in better physical shape in no time. Actually, this lazy girl suits us.

She doesn’t have many bad habits, is super smart and is learning to play! She loves a stick or ball and a soft toy, as well as a spot on the sofa or bed. A good snuggle is nice as well. We whisper, “Pretty girl” in her ear and she smiles.

She gets anxious when Ken or I (mostly me) get separated from the other. She likes us together. Getting in and out of the car is the biggest drama with her. I understand, as each time, she gets in a car, who knows where she will end up. she’s had a lot of changes in a short time, and I don’t think car rides were part of her life before. The more times she rides with us though and we end up back on Samron Rd. the better she she will get.

All I can say is we scored big time with this pup. Now, if we could just figure out her name. MuMu doesn’t work for me. Susie is okay, but Boze is what comes out of our mouth easiest. So far SusieMuMUBoze gets the song.

We finally got her health records, so when the next wave of company comes and goes, we will set up a meet and greet with our vet. I suppose we will then have to actually choose a name for the record.

In the mean time — this doggy is an absolute delight! I cannot thank Michelle, Steve and the Cam at the dog ranch enough!

Life with dog is good!

In other news, I saw the movie Yesterday – last night with my friend Becky. I loved it from beginning to end. Such a heart warming story. I can’t write about the part I loved the best as it would be a spoiler. Still… just know… sometimes the wish to see someone you miss more than ever — comes true!

Oh and… our freezer is working just fine and is stocked full. Bring on the company!


by Jan

My Grandmother Chambers died on Christmas day, and while I know a lot was said and felt that day, the one comment I remember my mom making was… “Well, now Christmas is ruined.”


Little did mom know at the time, that a mere 32 years later, she herself would “ruin” mothers day for me!

There is no good time for bad things to happen, but that doesn’t mean we write off the day as ruined. Shit happens, and not always at a convenient time.

No one died, yet here is my leap to a ruined day; and the realization that our mountain of trouble is really a bit of a mole hill…  our freezer is acting up, and it is loaded  with berries, meat and fish right now. Not a good time for it to go out!

I haven’t checked on it this morning. I’m stalling.

Yesterday, somehow the darn thing shut off. Now, I’m in the freezer everyday, so I’m not worried about being poisoned or having to throw out anything yet. We’ve gone a lot longer that this, with all the power outages when we lived on Bowen Island.

So, Ken and I kicked it, turned the knobs, unplugged and plugged it again, and got it going last night. We went to sleep with our fingers crossed, that today’s chores would not include finding a new freezer. Because we have a busy day today, and that chore is not on our list of things to do!

Most days this would not matter, we’d deal. We are retired, each day is our oyster. We can do what we like and usually do… we follow our nose…and do the next right thing or the next fun thing or we do nothing.

Like I said though today, we are busy, and getting a new freezer bought, delivered, set up and working would only be one thing on the very long list we have for today!

Sadly, it would take priority over all the other important things we’ve been putting off for today!

First off, Ken has a doctor appointment to get his eyes checked. His cataracts are at the point where it is time to get him on “the list” and today is the first step.

But really the biggest horror/drama of all, is our house cleaner is in summer craze mode, and has put us off for five weeks now!

The house could use a bit of a scrub. I keep a “neat” house and but am spoiled enough to pay someone else to keep it clean. Alas, enough time has passed, and things I take for granted are showing up and so, I NEED to clean the house!

Don’t get me wrong, we aren’t living in Grey Gardens or anything, but COMPANY is COMING! And not just any company; while we welcome all … we are talking Sandie and Joe company!
I want things just right for them.

I know without a doubt, all will be okay, if not perfect and certainly not ruined. They are easy and everything will work out just fine. It’s just that if we need a new freezer today, the floor may not get swept!

Just saying!

Oh, and BTW – our dear doggy SusieWu is about as perfect a dog as anyone could ever want! More on her soon!


by Jan

Before you get too far into this story – please know, MuMu has had her name changed to SusieWu. I’ll write that story soon. xo

We have a dog!!!

Just last week, Ken and I said yes, it was time to start looking, and that was all I needed! I was off to the races, the SPCA, and the inter-web!

We wanted a good dog, and because we are spoiled – our first choice would be a Portuguese Water Dog. I went on a few sites and connected with the breeder in Mission, who produced both Cricket and Boze. We went back and forth and chatted. Her next litter of puppies has a waiting list, we would have send a non-refundable deposit, then wait until next February or March.

Ken and I weren’t too keen on a puppy though. Still, we thought we “could” do it for the right dog!

Back and forth, back and forth… then the kicker. Puppies sell for $2800. plus… cough, cough.

Ken had to remind me who we are, as I was ready to cut the cheque!

It took me most of the day to remember — there are dogs in the world that need homes, that we don’t need to spend a fortune for a special breed, that a puppy is A LOT of work, and I needed to pull it back a bit.

So after a long day pouting, I accepted and agreed with this reality. After all, the last three dogs we adopted, came to us as seniors, and it worked out pretty darn well.

Still, not to lose momentum on the Yes, we said for being ready to have a dog. I sent a few notes out to people I knew who worked with dogs, or had just adopted their own pup.

I sent a note to my friend Michelle who lives on Bowen Island. I knew her husband worked at the Dog Ranch there. I wanted to get on his radar… you know if anything came up.

It wasn’t 5 minutes and Michelle wrote back, and said, Call Steve! He may have a pooch for you!


It took another 45 minutes for us to pack up, get in the car and hit the ferry. It took a long five hours to get over to Bowen. Two ferrys, with long hot waits and summer fun lines up…

It was worth it – We met Mu Mu.

A five and half year old, chubby, poodle mix with black curly hair. It was love at first sight!

We said yes. We took her to our friends house for the night, to be sure… We were told we could bring her back if it didn’t work out!

Ha! We knew it would work out!

The biggest challenge so far is Mu Mu’s name! I cannot get my mouth around Mu Mu. I call her pup, Boo… Lu, Boze (I call her Boze a lot!), Blue, Moo … Everything except Mu Mu. Still, Mu Mu it is.

We got her home before noon the next day, She is settling in quite well!

Then, I had to deal with a lot of paperwork and such! Mu Mu has a lawyer! Apparently, MuMu is an heiress!

Her person before us died. She was good enough to set aside some money for Mu Mu’s care after her death. This was the reason Mu Mu was at the dog ranch on Bowen. She made it possible for MuMu to have a chance to play, and be well cared for, in a safe place, until they found the right people (us) to take her.

No – we do not get any of her inheritance. But, we were given a months supply of special diet dog food for Mu Mu. The paper work is just to finish up the lawyers part, settle the estate, and cover the expenses at the dog ranch.

She is now officially a Parker! Yay.

Mu Mu is a bit of a tubby as has not played much in her 5 years.

We heard, and it shows, that for the most part, she hung around with her bed ridden, person for the last three years. Who knows what she did for the first two. She is quite well socialized – just not very fit.

Anyway -Maylyn brought a soft stuffy over yesterday and it’s her favourite! Like Boze, and Cricket, she soothes her self by sucking on these soft toys. She is learning to play, tug and fetch. Of course Ken and I sing all the time – so Mu Mu will soon have her own song.

We also had a little stick throw and fetch in the back yard. MuMu loved it, and “almost” ran for it, really it was more of a slow trot, but oh how her tail wagged! I see a pup in her. I know she will slowly, with the right food and exercise, lose weight, get stronger, become healthier and happier!

She is not good on a leash. (yet). I doubt she ever had one. I put one of Boze’s old harness on, (we really had to let out at the seams, so it would fit) and we strolled up the street, Mu Mu ran out of juice just four house away. It was slow going, but day by day, progress will be made! We are in no hurry!

Ken wants to take her to the dog park soon, and introduce her to everybody. The walk there and back will be her first goal. Slowly…

The best friend of Mu Mu’s  person, called to chat yesterday. She cried and cried, and assured me they were happy tears. She said she can rest now, as her friend would be so happy to know MuMu landed so well. Sweet.

We are waiting on a few more papers, specially her medical records before we can get her licensed here and have her meet our vet. Today we’ll hit the dog store and spoil her with a new bed, a few more toys, a tag with her new phone #, and such. We also want to find some type of treat for her that won’t hurt her diet.

We are so happy. Mu Mu is happy too!
Win – Win as they say!


by Jan

I’m very grateful to be able to read.

Last night, I finished reading The Early Stories of Truman Capote. I totally enjoyed it.

These were stories like the title says, early writings. Many may disagree, but for me it seemed that not every story was fully formed.

I could see how he was honing his writing chops —teasing the reader, and finding his voice. Capote told just enough of each story for me to want more.

Every story could have been a full novel.

What was odd as I was reading, I did not find Capote, on the page. Oh, the book is clearly Capote. His southernness and way with words was on full display.

And even with a photo of a very young Capote, on the dust jacket of the book, the only voice or image, I could see or hear, was that of Philip Seymour Hoffman.

People make their mark.
We remember and move on.
Then at the strangest time, a memory.

Okay, not a haiku… and if I took two more days, I might have a decent post here, but instead, I’m going to find a Philip Seymour Hoffman movie, and remind myself that addiction is hell.