— dao yin

There are may variations of Qigongs called Eight Pieces of Silk, also called Daoyin. An ancient Chinese body-mind exercise originally aimed at health care, this version was taught to me by a wonderful woman I met by chance on her visit to the US from Japan. I didn’t speak Japanese and she didn’t speak English, so I don’t know her name, but together with smiles, we shared Qigong practices. I found the names of the moves in a small book a few years later. This particular Qigong is one of my favorites. Enjoy!

– Jan


Included in the Qigong Series:

Dao Yin full practice video

 Videos of individual movements:

  • Commencing
  • Push the Boat Down the River
  • Lift Up Both the Sun and Moon
  • A Giant Mythical Bird Spreads Her Wings
  • Pick Up a Rock With Confidence
  • Slide the Window to Look at the Moon
  • The Wind Blows in Your Face
  • The Old Monk Strokes His Beard

Guanqifa video


dao yin sample