April 13th, 2020 by Jan

Type, type, type… delete, delete, delete…This seems to be a strong theme for me right now.

I have opinions!! And, while I prefer to err on the side of generosity, it is easy to be frighten and worried.

Love in the time of Covid19 is hard — and so very necessary.

The coast community is full of caring folks. People who tend to support each other. Yet, five weeks into the protocol of how to live with Covid19, it’s no wonder we are getting all itchy and scratchy.

There’s some crazy hoopla going on right now. People are ranting and raving in the newspaper, on street corners and on social media. These people are loud enough for me to think OMG – we’re doomed!

The problem you see, is other people!
You know… Those people… the ones who aren’t doing what Dr. Bonnie says to do! THEM!

The angry are starting to harass THEM. People are being encouraged to “Name and Shame” when they see someone not following the “rules”. Some locals have gone absolutely nuts with fear and worry about people who don’t live here. THOSE damn tourist, traveling on the ferry, for the long weekend. THEM!

People holding signs up along the highway, screaming, GO HOME! On the community Facebook page there are calls for someone who NEEDS TO DO SOMETHING! Letters to the editor saying, SIGN THE PETITION! CALL THE COPS! How do we KEEP PEOPLE AWAY, ARREST THEIR ASS, and SHUT DOWN THE FERRY!

It’s been some crazy and cruel hoopla. From the looks of the madness, there are hoards of people coming to the coast spreading disease and they just don’t care! You know the kind… THEM.

It is easy to fall into the trap. We are staying home, why can’t THEY?

I know full well, I can’t control what others do. Yet, darn it, right now, what others do can be dangerous, especially if they aren’t doing it like I am!

I was pretty upset with other people doing this and that… and then…
A few days ago, a RCMP cruiser pull into our driveway!

A cop car in our driveway! Yikes!
What happen was, I sewed some face masks, for a friend, and she came by to pick them up. That’s right – I’m friends with a cop!

I doubt she knows this, but her short visit changed me, profoundly.

Ken and I told her (from the safety of appropriate distance) how much we appreciated her and the work she is doing. We said, we felt bad for all the calls she was surely getting from so many angry people, and how it must be so hard, especially now. We also expressed our concerns about the strange times we are in right now.

What happen — instead of agreeing with us, or joining in with her own complaints …  She showed us how having compassion, staying calm, and listening, is doing the next right thing.

Maybe it was her training as a public servant, maybe her personality shown through. Perhaps it was a mix of the two — She addressed our concerns with such presence, gentleness, and compassion, that our rants dissolved. In a matter of moments, we were reminded that despite a few loud asshats, we live in a caring community, with people doing their best, in a difficult time.

Ken and I witnessed — those who are hired to “Serve and Protect,” are doing just that.

In my past, the cops, in general, were not people I admired or trusted. Today, my friend the cop, changed that for me. Because of her we calmed down and were truly comforted. Salute!

Oh, and all that hoopla about the tourist coming over…
Well, it didn’t happen. BC Ferries showed the weekend numbers. A normal sailing to the coast, carries 1500 people, per sailing. Right now, the number of sailings have been cut, and the number of people on each boat has been limited. Over the holiday weekend, each sailing had less than 350 people on the boats, going both directions.

So, while a few scream and holler … people really are staying home. Actually, there was much ado about nothing.

I don’t think many of us need a cop telling us to calm down. I believe we can all be that friend and example for each other. No one wants to shut down our civil liberties and yes, we need to aware, but we don’t need to be consumed by fear. When we get a little nutty, (and we all do) let’s remind ourselves and each other that there are resources and help at the ready.

Most importantly, there are those we can count on in hard and scary times. And not just the cops, either, we can count on each other. People truly are doing the next right thing.

My brother tells me everyday, “Do your best.” I will add, “Do your best and do it with compassion.”

We may be apart, but we are not alone. We can do this.

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  1. Karen Koziol RN

    Do your best, do it with compassion, AND remember to wash your hands! Our actions determine our destiny.


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