July 16th, 2020 by Jan

It’s my “gotcha day”
One whole year ago I came to live with the Parkers in Sechelt.
Let me tell you how it’s been. But first off – big Happy Birthday wishes to Patti Brown!

As some of you know, I used to live with another lady in another town and then she died. She was very sick for a long time, and I was a good comfort to her. We both stay in bed, day after day for several years, and then one day, it all changed. Someone took me to the Bowen Island Dog Ranch. That’s when a nice man named Steve call Jan and Ken to come meet me.

Here is a picture of that first meeting.

When I first met Jan and Ken, I tried to smile, but I was real sad and scared. I was also pretty chubby, and I had a very hard time walking. I just wanted to sleep.

All that has change.

First off, I’m a very happy dog now. I lost a lot of weight and now run and play to my hearts content. I still nap a lot, and I still get to eat cookies! (Just not as many as before.)

I’ve made a lot of new friends here. But, for some strange reason, we haven’t seen many in month and months. Besides Jan and Ken, my favourite people are Sarah and Maylynn. They are really nice and sometimes I have a sleep over, they take me swimming. I know a nice man named Iain who gives me baths and haircuts and I come home smelling all sweet. The vets at the Sechelt Animal Hospital are nice, and even when they poke on me or give me medicine and shots, I still get a cookie. I like it best when I get on a scale there, and everyone cheers for me! They tell me I’m a good and pretty dog, who is also strong and healthy.

My best friend is Oliver. We hit it off right away. We have a lot of fun together. We run and romp and play tug and it’s great! I also play with Oshy and Max and once I played with a really big dog named Trigger. I get to hike with Honey, Diesel and Suki, but they’re little dogs and mostly ignore me, except Diesel… he barks at me.

Moser is some sort of family to me. He eats my toys though and I haven’t seen him in a really long time. (sometimes I send him a card). I have a cousin named Blue. I have Facebook friends too. Mimi, Maggie, Willie, Woodstock, Henri, Carlos, Helen, and Lt. Dan, oh and I can’t forget Louie, Aspen and Stella. I’m pen pals with a puppy named Georgie. I know some cats too – Mittens, Boots, Maize and Hazel. I would totally chase the cats given the chance! I chase squirrels, balls and sticks too.

I like to play in mud puddles! If I see water, I will jump in! I also like to eat grass, and I check my “pee mail” everyday around the neighbourhood.

I don’t mean to brag but, I get fed really good food everyday! Plus, Ken takes me walking in the mornings and I go with Jan on high adventures in the afternoon. Then I nap. I have my own place on the sofa and can look out the window. I also have my own chair, dish, bed and house! It’s nice.

I have a lot of toys, my favourite is the warthog MayLynn gave me. (I have to hide it from Moser!) I love big sticks and balls. Oh and… my soft pony, yellow duck, brown bunny, tweedy, and the Christmas jingle thingy.

My favourite thing to do is follow Jan around. Where she goes I go. It doesn’t matter if she goes up and down the stairs 100 times. I’m with her! I even follow her to the bathroom! She loves it! Ha-Ha!

I wag my tail hard when I see Ken. I really like him, but I don’t like to leave Jan alone for long. At night, Ken and I both go pee, in the back yard before bed! We do the same thing in the morning. He and I play silly games too! It’s fun. But, then I run back to Jan because she misses me.

Not everything is grand!

I do not like being left alone, someone still needs to come with me in the yard. The car is bad. I really don’t like the car. I hang my head low when we go for a ride and if I get left in the car, I will HOWL! I am able to get into the car all by myself now, but I prefer to make a big deal out of it! I like the drama involved. I take my own sweet time and pretend I’m helpless, even when I know there’s a cookie in for me sooner or later. I’m very happy to get OUT of the car and can jump out really fast, no cookie needed!

Jan says, it’s a good thing that I’m a very good dog and super cute, because while I am able to do things, like sit, stay, come, lie down, and go away… I only like to do those things when I feel like it. I don’t like others telling me what to do. I’m a good and happy dog, but I’m nobody’s circus dog. I’m very stubborn. Show me the cookie and I’ll think about doing your bidding… sometimes, but don’t count on it.

Well, that’s my story for now. It’s been a good and strange year.

I’m having a happy Gotcha day with Jan and Ken! I hope I get a new toy or fancy cookie in celebration.

I also hope anyone who reads this, is happy with who ever got you too!
Smell you later,

9 thoughts on “GotchadaybyMuMu

  1. Laurie

    That’s a pretty sweet life MuMu! Congratulations on having gotcha’d yourself a great new pack of people and friends to be happy with!

    1. Fiona

      I now know that the heart emoji shows up in a comment as two question marks.

      Lovely post, Jan.
      Happy gotcha day, MuMu!

  2. jamie

    happy gotcha day!! you’re very kind to take K&J on walks everyday. you are helping them keep young. good work!!

  3. Karen Koziol

    Hope you had a nice paw-ty on your gotcha day.
    My dog Rocket’s gotcha day is July 19 and since he is a dachshund, we’ll celebrate with (what else) hot dogs.

    1. Lainey

      Oops, I need some practice with my posts. My question marks should be exclamation marks. And I did manage to post the same comments twice.
      Maybe I just really wanted to make a point! Or I’m not good at posting yet…


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