March 20th, 2024 by Jan

Are  you ready for another episode of as the world turns around Jan?
As they say, I may not be much, but I am all I think about!

I could warm you up or I could jump in… Jumping in…

I had a fucking stroke!

In the last month or so, I’ve been having what I call “my spells” – I get dizzy, fuzzy, and sometimes I lose my hearing and my sight goes blurry. In February at the Tucson airport I had a doozy spell. I sat down, said darn it and when I felt better – got up and moved on.

When I told my doctor she asked me to get a CT scan of my head. Honestly, knowledge does not make me feel better. I had what they call an ischemic stroke. That is the kind that blocks the blood, not the kind that burst it.

I can move all my limbs and my speech is fine. To look at me, there is no physical change. I still need a haircut!

After hearing this news last Monday, my blood pressure, which is usually quite low, went through the roof and I ended up at the clinic – good news – that was just a panic attack brought on by this news.

I saw Dr. Baxter on Monday and we asked and answered a million questions. She’s ordered more tests and put me on medication. Because I don’t drink, smoke, or have a big stressful life, and I exercise really well, don’t need to lose weight and we eat a very clean diet…. medication and knowledge is about all she can offer as the next right thing for me.

The bad news is I can’t change my family genetics.

I’m okay, a bit fragile right now, and really embarrassed. My healthy ego has taken a real hit!

I feel like my body has betrayed me and I’m too healthy to just drop dead. However… I guess anything can happen to anyone at any time. And I’m anyone!

Our pharmacist, as well as our doctor said the biggest side effect from the medication I’m on now is a longer life – I liked hearing that! 

Remember when I did drugs? Now I take pills!

I am grateful to be Canadian, living in Sechelt, and have such good access to health care and a wonderful doctor. I’ve not had to wait for scans, tests or appointments with one exception and that is to see a neurologist in October! But, other than that, help is happening fast and I will Sally Forth!

Ken is a rockstar husband who is keeping me in the moment. Together we are doing the next right thing… Which is living with gratitude and continuing to enjoy our wonderful sysphenan life.

Other than that Mrs. Lincoln – how did you like the play?

15 thoughts on “whatthewhat?

  1. Shasta

    Dear Jan,
    Thanks for sharing this big news. I’m so glad you’re okay.
    I love your bloggy thing, and I love your sense of humour, and I love how you continue to find the miraculous in the quotidian. You are an inspiration to me and many others in the ways you spread gratitude and appreciation wherever you are.

  2. Kerry Kilburn

    Wow, Jan –
    So glad to hear you’ve got this as under control as it could be. I’ll be thinking good thoughts your way.

  3. Mary Lynn

    What a shock. So glad you’re getting good care. Keep on with all the good stuff cuz really that’s the best any of us can do. Sending lots of love.

  4. Sue

    Wow Jan! That’s big news! Kudos to you for getting checked out and protecting yourself with the meds. Glad you get to keep enjoying your life! Big hugs.

  5. Annie

    Thanks for letting us know that you’re well and truly human. What a shock this was for you – and us – I really like the side effects of this pill you’re taking!
    Hugs to you both.

  6. Debbie

    Wow, Jan! Thanks for sharing. A wake up call for all of us! So glad you have good care and good support at home. Live long and and with joy and wonder! Love you!

  7. June

    Holy sh*t…what a stunner!
    Don’t miss a single dose, there are so many more hikes to be taken, pies to be made, pastels to paint, and pieces of cloth to be cut up and sewn back together again!!
    Love you cuz ????

  8. Kathy Parker

    I’m so grateful you didn’t have a bleed, so horrified it started in Tucson!! So glad you’re getting great care. Love you, my dear one.


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