January 6th, 2022 by Jan

“That’s a good box.” I can hear my Grandma’s voice in those words. She was the perfect judge of a good box and for better or worse, she passed the skill on to me.

I think of my Grandma Hudson everyday for a variety of reasons. She was such a good influence in my life that almost everything reminds me of her. One great memory hits me when I cut a banana with a spoon, another is when I come across a good cardboard box. And, like Grandma, when I do, I announce it for all to hear.

That’s a good box, you should save it.

Ken and I are not moving anytime soon, yet, we have a stack of “good” moving boxes stored in the shed. I confess I also have boxes of all sizes stored in the closet and some under the bed.

I know, I know…. It doesn’t make sense. I hate clutter and sort stuff as a hobby. I love to clear out crap constantly. I love getting rid of stuff and our car usually has a bag or two full of stuff in the back that needs to be dropped off at the Sally Anne. And, yet….when I see a good box, I keep it!

Good boxes are the best!

Grandma always said, you never know when you’ll need a good box. I totally agree. One day, that good box will come in handy and I’ll be ready!  In the mean time I like remembering my Grandma and a good box allows me the pleasure.

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