March 16th, 2020 by Jan

Years ago, I read a book titled Her Wits about Her: Self-Defense Success Stories by Women. Edited by Denlse Calgnon and Gail Groves.

What I remember most about the book was, there were some stories where — a woman went about her day and NOTHING happened!

The title of the book reminded me, that these were SUCCESS stories!

The point of learning and practicing self defense is so nothing happens and we all get home safely.

Of course, there were also stories in the book of women who fought an attacker, some who were hurt and some were raped.

All who shared their story survived.
Huge success!

We are living in a crazy and scary time right now.

Let’s keep our wits about us. Let’s practice good self (and community) defense, and do the next right thing.

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