December 11th, 2016 by Jan

Our next door neighbour is a real hero.


Ty Brackett, not only was he the guy that cut the trees down across the street, opening up our view, he’s a community hero as well. Ty is volunteer fireman and was called out to save this woman whose car went over the embankment and into a river, and he did it!

Reading the article in the paper and seeing the photo, at first I said Yikes! Then I said Yay!

I have to admit I am proud to know the man that lives next door is “one of those guys.” You know, the one who comes when called and knows what to do.

It is nice to know that in our community we’ve got some brave guys who are not only trained, but are willing to help us, when we get in trouble, even if we are in freezing water!

Ken and I spoke to Ty about his experience. He was humble, also a bit chuffed. He emphasized that all the hours of training came together and paid off when it was needed.

He said he was happy that he knew what to do with confidence. That it felt great to have saved a persons life. He also said, any of us (meaning the other firemen) could have done it.

Salute to our good neighbours, firemen, and rescue workers! And thank you.

3 thoughts on “YisforYikesandYay!

    1. Jan Post author

      I never heard that term before I moved to Canada.
      1. very pleased: “I’m dead chuffed to have won”

  1. Art

    Huh! A brand new word!
    I’d say I’m quite chuffed to have learned it! 🙂
    (Seems I should tip my hat or something now)


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