December 18th, 2016 by Jan
Last letter of the alphabet and this may, or may not be the last post of 2016.

Either way, time to zip this alphabet challenge up.

2016 — will be a year to remember for a long time. My motto was “Simply the Best” and I will say it was and it wasn’t.

Some really horrid things happened this year, and there have been real struggles. Still, a lot of really wonderful things happened as well.

I keep a jar of goodness on my desk, and when I think of it, I drop a note of gratitude in.

This morning I had a peak.


Here in no particular order here are a few slips of good from this year.

New Mexico in May!

My 61st birthday dinner at Gabriel’s with Dick, Sarah, Dorian, Nini, Sara, Art, Ty, Deb, Clevenger, and Ken.

Dogs! Otis, Rumi and Moser all came for visits. Boze came to stay. Life is better with Dog!

Aquafit and the pool people!

Cars! We sold the little red car, and the Okanagan camper, and bought a brand new Chevy Cruise, a Subaru forester and a fancy dancy Road Trek.

Yards sales! Pretty much best casino canada every Saturday, Ken and I would make the rounds in Sechelt and check out the yards sales. We have a lot fun, picking stuff up and putting it down again.

Big hit of the year was shooting golfs with my brother Art, in the back yard on Manhattan Loop.

Andrea and I napping while Ken rowed us around in the Inlet.

Daily walks and taking at least 10,000 steps most days.

I read 50 books this year. (This includes listening to audio books)

Road trip to Tofino and watching the Canadian Snow Birds fly over us as we waited for the ferry.

First trip in the Road Trek, to Campbell River and Quadra Island. We brought home Boze.

Quite a few friends came to visit. Mel and Jan. Linda, Troy and Kathy, Ross and Tyler, Andrea, Laura, Marian, Peter, Tamsin to name only a few.

Signing up to cook a monthly dinner for the local shelter.

Our life is better because of Patti. She keeps our house clean.

Ken turned 70 and he is strong and healthy.

We celebrated 33 years of wedded bliss.

The trees across the street came down and our view really opened up!

Patrick, the guy who gives us massages

New artwork on the walls from. Kayleen, Lainey, Jerome, Barbara and Annie.

Road trip to the ranch. Three weeks in a van, with Ken is just the way I like to travel.

The Parker boys selling a section of the ranch.


Being told I’m a good cook.

Being able to say we have local friends and good neighbours.

The generosity of my brother Ty.

Le Creuset cookware —need I say more!

Climbing Black Mesa. This is one of the top 10 things I’ve done in my entire life.

Being reassured I do not have brain cancer.

Monica, MayLynn and Sarah — healers who helped.

Ken being generous with foot rubs.

This jar of goodness.

It is easy to complain and worry, but it’s just as easy to find the goodness in life. I look forward to filling this jar again in 2017.

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  1. Kathy

    Thanks for including us ~ we are grateful for the three of you, too! That’s such a good idea, I think I want to adopt it for 2017.


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