December 9th, 2016 by Jan

Our friend Frank is a very clever man. He is funny and quick witted. We have a lot of fun pointing out the silly ways of the world.

One day, sitting around the table, he mentioned that if someone was extraordinary — does that just mean they’ve taken ordinary a bit far?

Can an ordinary person have that extra something to their ordinariness or are they just more ordinary than others?

Word play. I love it.

X is one of 26 letters. Nothing special by itself, but with word play, we give it that X-factor.

Quite often, I am mistaken for another person when I go out. I have no big X-factor, I have a very common look. I’m ordinary. I am one in the world of billions, a woman among women, and friend among friends.

I’m more than fine with this. Being special in the world is not as important to me as being special with Ken, family and friends.

I know I’ve done some good work, and touch a few lives so far. I am lucky. I know how to learn. and I know how to share.

I am loved and safe. I have reasonable health, and enough money. Ken is a good husband, we live in a nice place, and have wonderful friends, good brothers, and a goofy dog,

It kinda sounds like I’m boasting, but really In my opinion, I find this all most extraordinary.

You could say, I’ve taken ordinary to the next level.

1 thought on “XisfornotarealXword

  1. Kathy

    Your type of ordinary or even extra ordinary is wonderful and I’m happy to be another ordinary person in your ordinary life!


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