December 6th, 2016 by Jan

It’s pretty obvious that I’m not keeping up with this bloggy thing.

I’m not the only one.

Like so many in the world I have morning routines. Over the years, of course they’ve changed. We wouldn’t be alive if things didn’t change. One thing I used to do everyday was to check the bloggy sites of several friends. They are all still bookmarked, and I still check on them often.

Without naming names here — I will say NONE of them have continued the habit of a personal, public diary and I miss them. And, three people have let me know they miss this one.

While my commitment to write everyday has wained. I continue to think about it but, my fingers don’t head for the keyboard the way they used to. My mind doesn’t come up with topics or insight like in the past and my opinions are not as strong as they used to be, or maybe my ability to express them isn’t.

November came and went; I didn’t even try to write for NaNoWriMo. For years I would write 1,000 words everyday during the month. Not many made sense, I posted very few, but I wrote. This year… meh.

My writing these days can be found on birthday cards and a few holiday cards. Not totally news worthy, still thoughts of love and admiration are expressed, and who doesn’t like getting real mail?

Anna once told me the secret to a good letter is to mention at least one interesting thing. That’s true for a bloggy thing as well.

Interesting things abound but, like others, I find I’m just not writing (or posting) my two cents about them.

I said I wasn’t going to name names, but I lied. I miss reading the blogs of Jenny, Marian, heather, Kayleen, Nancy, and Jim, to name just a few. I still check for updates, but am giving up the ghost. Perhaps I’m following the crowd.

I’m slow to change and acceptance, but I’m beginning to think that the public personal bloggy thing is going the way of the birthday and Christmas card.

1 thought on “WisforWherehaveallthebloggysgone?

  1. Kathy

    I love your bloggy thing and look for it almost every day. And I get the whole “meh” thing, too.
    So, I’m happy when I find a new submission and my world doesn’t end when there isn’t one!
    Enjoy life! xoxo


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