December 21st, 2018 by Jan

Oh, the weather outside is frightful….

The South Coast of BC got beat up pretty bad yesterday. Wind, wind, and more wind.

BC Ferries cancelled most of their sailings from Tsawwassen and Horseshoe Bay, and the few boats that did run, provided wild rides with passengers “screaming and crying”!

I heard even the Bowen Island boat was sidelined for a few sailing. That’s rare. The Langdale Boat (the one we use to get us to the mainland) ran for most of the day, but I heard they cancelled the last sailing. Crazy times.

We were told once, that people on the coast spend an inordinate amount of time, talking about the ferry. But after all, the ferry is the road home for us, and yesterday, when it wasn’t closed, it was dangerous.

Docks and piers all around the coast were smashed and destroyed. While one nut bar went surfing, others had to be rescued from the waves. I heard at least one person died.

We were lucky. We stayed home. Our house was safe and warm. It never dawned on me to go out “in it.” Yet, I know friends who grabbed their camera and ran towards the waves! Yikes!

We did our small part and offered refuge to our friends and their dogs, who tried in vain, to get home to Port Alberni from Vancouver. While we are hardly “on the way,” we were able to offer leftover Chinese takeout and a place to sleep, to the weary travelers.  They set out early this morning, and I predict will be safely home later tonight.

Sometimes you need a port, and sometimes you are the port.

There were a lot of folks who did not get to sleep in a safe place last night. Havoc was wreaked all over the coast. And I in my night-shirt and pa in his cap… oops… I got side tracked.

This morning looks calm, and clear – so, as the clean up begins, remember to tip your servers, and please give a shout out of thanks to all the people who work hard keeping us safe during hard times, especially the ferry workers.

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