December 22nd, 2018 by Jan
  • I was glad to get out for a hike after the big storm yesterday.

I’ve been walking a particular trail the last week, an easy 5 km loop I can do from the house.

It didn’t take long to realize that the storm was rough all over the coast. Trees were down and branches were strewn all across across the trail. It was a mess.

It’s easy to see the damage on the coast, but holy moly, the havoc the wind caused in the bush was amazing. Seeing trees snapped in half is quite a sight.

As I walked, I found the need to duck and weave as branches lay across the trail both at eye and chest level. At first, I thought someone had actually put barriers up on purpose.

The trail had become dangerous. It was necessary to watch not only my footwork, so I wouldn’t trip, but also I had to watch that I didn’t get smacked in the face, or knocked in the head by a fallen branch.

I’ve been hiking for years now. I take full advantage of the trails and appreciate the condition I find them. I often wonder who goes in with chain saws and strong backs, doing the work of creating a trail matrix that is open to the public. Becky said mountain bike clubs groom trails often, and I’m sure park people do as well. Whom ever you are… Salute!

My dad used to say doing something good in the world and not talking about it is the hardest thing to do. I know he liked getting attention — we all do. There is a word that describes the phenomenon of not talking about your good deeds. I can’t think of it right now, and the google is no help. But, I need writing topics more than I need attention, but apples don’t fall far…

So, instead of hiking my hike and bobbing and weaving along the trail, I took some extra time and cleaned up what I could.

Some branches I tangled with were really awkward— others were easier to break up and move around. Really, the clean up was not that hard. My gloves got wet and my boots, and jeans were a muddy mess. Still, I was happy to do my part so the next person didn’t have to.

Ken walks with a small plastic garbage bag. He picks up trash when he wanders. He never says anything about it. But, like I said, I’m a Hudson, so look at me!

Besides, Ken doesn’t have a bloggy thing — he’s just a good guy.

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