December 24th, 2018 by Jan

Today, company comes! The first wave of friends and food arrive soon. I can’t wait.

This year everything will just be perfect!

After all, Christmas is my favourite time of the year…
The cookies, trimming the tree, getting a puppy, resolving all past hurts, and even getting that promotion at work that I’ve worked so hard for will happen, but not without a little conflict first and it will probably snow.

More than anything though, I’m looking forward to falling in love with my old boy friend who left for Paris, ten years ago, and never called, but also never forgot his pinky swear that he will love me forever!

We will accidentally bump into each other at the book store, library, or old holiday inn, that he is trying to close down so he can build a mall, or condos for the super rich. But, I will fight to keep it open, without any money, because it was my dead fathers dream. I learned all about it from Santa who told me while I wished on a snow globe.

We will both see the error of our ways, I’ll dump the nice guy who likes, but doesn’t love me, after a snowball fight or a big dance. We will feed the homeless. I’ll wear high heels, sexy dresses and have perfect makeup and tousled hair. We will eat only cookies, and pie, I’ll drink wine alone and hot cocoa, and Folgers coffee with others. We will wrap presents with big bows. I will knit homemade scarfs and give them to the needy.

Then, my future husband, (who happens to be a hunk!) will wake out of the coma he got when he fell, after putting my favourite angel ornament on the towns Christmas tree. He will then realize he never should have gone to Paris in the first place, that his heart has always been in Podunk, Ohio and with ME!

Santa will grant my wish. I will have a perfect wedding, my best friend will be my bridesmaid, and get together with my old boyfriend. My hunky husband and I will save the library, bookstore, or inn, and then move to a farm, take in orphaned children, put a show on in the barn, and finally… finally we will kiss under the mistletoe!

Whew. More nog-egg please!
Merry Christmas everyone!

3 thoughts on “amerryperfectchristmas

  1. Kathy

    So awesome ~ and I can relate the whole story to pretty much every Fern Michaels Christmas book I’ve ever read!!
    Merry Christmas, my lovely friend!

  2. Anna Marie Michael

    I laughed and laughed and laughed since I think Michael and I watched all of those “countdown to Christmas” – Hallmark movies. I just referred to them all as “the happily ever after” movies.


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