December 20th, 2018 by Jan

We’ve all seen the video of the little girl taking to herself in the bathroom mirror.

She goes on and on, at length, about how she is good enough, strong enough, beautiful enough, etc, etc. etc… she does this, so as to learn.

I’ve been looking for writing topics and went back to some notes I wrote for Today’s Step. (That’s the app I wrote years ago, and Allyson developed.) Today’s Step is full of daily sayings to encourage a practice for people in recouvery.

At first glance, I was flabbergasted.
I started to wonder if perhaps maybe, because of the fact that I’m retired and my interests have changed, maybe… I wasn’t exactly sure… but I found, when I was reading, the wise sayings … today, they seemed… uhm… silly. No, not silly … they seemed obvious.

At the time, I wrote them with sincerity, and honesty. I would read them daily for encouragement and inspiration. So it was odd to feel… nothing.

And, because I didn’t have the same feelings, that I had in the past, it bothered me.

So  … I’m just writing out loud now… maybe, because I don’t feel the same way, perhaps, I don’t need the same encouragement today — maybe I actually learned the lessons they meant to inspire.

Perhaps. that’s why the words now seem … dare I say, quaint or even trite?

Once again, I seem to be on the theme of, when you know, you know.

For example…
There are 1,440 minutes in a day — take 20 for your own practice. • Notice you’re all right, right now • Keep going • Be curious • Enjoy your hands • Accept the limits of your influence • Dream big dreams • Put out fires • Be generous • Belong, Be Strong. • Embrace your strengths, embrace your friends.• If you do not know where to start, start with your breath. • Go walking to look within, not around • Your body is not your masterpiece — your life is. • Courage, intelligence and love are never out of place. • Do the next right thing.

Well, Duh…

I’m about the luckiest woman in the world.
I had the great privilege to stay sober and practice an art, that I happen to get good at. I got really good because I taught and practiced. And because I taught and practiced – I learned.

Ring a bell.

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