December 19th, 2018 by Jan

In Wilson Creek, about a 15 minutes drive from our house is Wildflower Quilt Studios. A beautiful big building in a wooded setting, with several out buildings. The place has multiple work rooms, and two long arm quilting machines.

A friendly, and talented woman named Tess owns Wildflower. It’s a lovely place to visit.

I’ve had two quilts quilted there now, and while I miss dealing with the incomparable Jo Baner — Tess is local. (Plus, she has two Portuguese Water Dogs, I get to pet.)

I’ve been to Wildflower quite a few times now. Tess keeps the place hopping. She offers quilts shows, demos, lessons, and fabric sales. There is also an on-going “open studio” with space for quilters to come and work on projects.

The other day, we were out there for about an hour. That is where I found the Bali knots score. But… we left before the real action began. Besides the fabric sale — the day was packed  full with demos and show & tells. Quilters from all around the coast were there.

I heard snacks were served and still, it didn’t dawn on me to hang around.

My mom was in several quilt guilds. Wildflower would be a place she would join in a heartbeat. Alice loved social quilting. She participate in challenge quilts and loved block exchanges. She was always working on a project for the fair or a show. Her funeral was packed with quilter friends.

Mom went to quilt camp the way I went to Tai Chi camp. The women in her quilt guild were as important to her, as my training partners were to me.

Alas, Alice and I differ.

I am a solo quilter. I tried to imagine myself sitting with those women, as a world class quilter, shared techniques and ideas. I wondered who I would have sat next to, what new idea I would come home with, who in that room might become a friend or mentor.

But no, I’m not a social quilter.

I’ve been quilting since 1984. Honestly, I could use a lesson. I’m really not very good. I’ve only taken two lessons in all those years. I tend to rip and sew. I know a lesson or workshop would be an excellent idea… but meh… I’m not interested.

Nope, I’m not a social quilter. Some things you go at alone!

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