April 22nd, 2017 by Jan

I’ll give you ten dollars if you__________.
(Fill in the blank if you’ve heard these words come out of my mouth!)

You know that person in school, who streaked across the gym during assembly?

That wasn’t me.
I was the one who offered them $10. to do it!

I also like to ask people, if they want to “make the paper,” or “tonight’s news.”

Of course I’m kidding — always kidding.
Still, I have some great ideas of things we/you could do to get our/your name in the paper.

Some of my big fat ideas, are the reason, I will never ascend.

Now, while most of the people in my life are way to smart to fall for the $10. offer, almost every one falls for cookies!

I find people will agree to a lot, for a batch of homemade chocolate chip cookies.

Cookies are my go-to bribe.

I brought a plate of cookies to a job interview once.
I got the job, and there were several reasons I was not the best candidate. But… cookies.

For years, I’ve use cookies to get what I want.

Today, I made a deal with the workmen who are employed by our neighbour.

I said I would make them a plate of cookies every month, if they would find another place to park during the work week.

Young men are easy.

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