April 23rd, 2017 by Jan

When Ken and I first got together, I remember going through family photos with him.

We came across a photo of my mother standing with her mother. My mom was in her late 30’s when the picture was taken. Her mother probably in her 70’s.

Then, we came across a photo of me standing with my mom. I was in my late 20’s, mom in her early 60’s.

I didn’t think much about it at the time, but I did hear Ken say, as he looked at both photos — “Can’t say I wasn’t warned.”

Today, I’m around the age of my mom was when that one photo was taken. Most days, especially since I cut my hair, when I walk past a mirror, I usually call out, “Hello Alice!”

Saturday is yard sale day on the coast, and we like to hit them.

While we were at one sale, a friend, told us of another that wasn’t advertised. “You should go to the one in Selma Park Jan, they have fabric!”


Sure enough. At this sale, among other stuff, was a box of fabric. The sign on the box said, “Fat quarters — 25¢”

I didn’t even dig — “How much for the entire box?” I asked.

I was given a stupid price that included a lot of batting as well. I gave the lady $20. ($6. more than she wanted) and we were on our way.

If I had been set loose in a fabric store, I would have chosen the exact same fabric, that was in that box at the yard sale. The difference; I would have dropped at least $300. — not $20!

Batiks, batiks, batiks! Oh, happy days! Fat quarters and more. All of it delicious.

Oh, the quilts I will make!

I spent the rest of the day in the sewing room, sorting, pressing, organizing, and ogling my haul.

Ken walked by once or twice, and we both laughed as he called out, “Hello Alice!”

Can’t say he wasn’t warned!

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