April 21st, 2017 by Jan

Having this bloggy site back is great.

Once again, let me publicly thank heather for the fix. It feels good knowing that the five people who read this won’t have to worry about any shenanigans happening, that is not of my doing, when they come here.

Now, with the fix there was one thing heather left for me to work on. (And I willingly take it on.)

In each of the 946 posts, every time I used an apostrophe, quotation mark, or em dash — it has now been replaced with €™

Here is a random example from a post written in 2012
…. It’s hard. He is the type of man who is best when he is “doing something.” Right now, what he’s doing is the same as my friend, only he stands on the other end of this cycle.

See all those  €™!
I’m going in for the fix, one  €™ at a time.

It will give me something to do and keep me off the streets for a while, and I’m in no hurry.

My goal, is to tackle 10-20 stories a day. I don’t meet too many of the goals I set in life, so if it takes me all year to go back through the stories – I’m good with that.

Who knows — when I go back in time, I may or my not see what else I can fix from the past!

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  1. LauraB

    I commonly see this appear when something has been written on an Apple computer, but is being read on a Windows one. Good Luck with it!


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