January 5th, 2017 by Jan

Let’s talk calendars. Not the desktop or computer calendar, the kind that hang on walls.

My dad was the calendar king. I swear he had one hanging in every room of the house; sometimes there would be two. He gifted everyone a calendar for Christmas and would buy them by the dozens the minute, new ones came out, usually in September.

Ken and I each would get one. Ken would get a kayak or boat one, I’d get a scenic one either from New Mexico or Hawaii, sometimes Canada. My brother Bill, would get a Jeff Foxworthy red neck one or something to do with hunting. Art would get one with guitars. I don’t know what Ty would get. I’m just getting to know Ty myself, but I’m betting $10. he got one.

I do know that if you expressed an interest to my dad, in say… horses, trains, or cats, you would get that calendar the next year.

We give calendars as gifts too.

I really like the calendar Becky Whyte produces with her photos of the Sunshine Coast. I like supporting her art, and I hope these gifts will entice friends to come visit us! Plus, they are easy to mail, who doesn’t need a calendar, and apples don’t fall from trees. Like my father, I love a new calendar.

For quite a few years now, enough years to become an expected and hopeful tradition, I’ve been gifted a Sara Steele calendar from my friends Dorian and Nini.

I was lucky to meet Sara in New Mexico at Rancho Nambé last May. She is a delightful person and her artwork is awesome; full of bright colours, and loads of movement.

I look forward to hanging her calendar each year and was glad when the 2017 version came in the mail.

That being said and all my talk of new and fresh and blah, blah… habits.

Imagine my surprise when I realized it was January 4th and I’ve yet to take December’s calendar off my wall.

I fixed it — all is right with the world now. We can move on now.

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  1. Kathy

    I always like to have paper calendars rather than relying on computers or phones. I like a paper day timer too. All I have to do is look on a wall or on a desk to know what’s going on AND I get to cross things off ~ best part ever!


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