January 4th, 2017 by Jan

When I go shopping, I am often asked if I’d like to join the particular stores points program.

You know what you get with points at most of these places — you get points. I never join anything for points.

Personally I do not need points.

However, the other day my friend Grace, gifted me ONE MILLION points, out of the goodness of her heart. It was her birthday and I think she was feeling generous.

ONE MILLION POINTS – to do with what ever I want.

As a thank you, I gifted Grace 2,000 points right back at her – then and there.

But, then, it struck me, if my math is right (and I have zero confidence in my math skills) I have 980,000 points at my beck and call.

I’ve decided I’d like to cash in ALL my points and put them in one basket. I’m kind of hoping 980,000 points maybe enough to get Ron James to my next birthday party!

Also, if anyone has any points they aren’t using and you think it will help to get Ron James to Sechelt, I’d happily take them, just in case I need more.

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