January 6th, 2017 by Jan

My friend Joe is “thrifty” or maybe he is just cheap — one or the other.

Anyway, Joe had a thing about the dollars per use on the clothes he would wear. He figured if a shirt cost $10. and he wore it twice it was $5. per use, wear it 10 times and it only cost $1. per use and on he’d go. Of course, he wore his shirts to the point, that most of his clothes, owed him money!

Ken and I are the same way. Some may say we are thrifty…

Don’t get me wrong —we buy what we need, but we don’t need much.

As far as clothes go, we don’t seem to buy them. I pretty much wear the same thing every day and I’m getting to the point where I’m sure I’m getting my moneys worth.

Case in point —


This photo was taken six years ago. We were on a road trip in Victoria checking out the provincial capitol.

And it is totally by chance that today I am wearing the exact same outfit! The exception is what you don’t see… the socks, the undies and such. I know this because… Christmas was just here. Now, while I still have the hat from the first photo, I’ve taken to wearing a different one this last winter.
Plus, now we have Boze!


But, the pants, shirt, coat, scarf, and even the handbag — six years the same.
No one and no thing owes me anything!

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