March 4th, 2016 by Jan

There are 7 different stories I’m working on right now. I just haven’t gotten around to posting a one of them because I can’t seem to complete them.

It seems no matter how hard or gentle I toss words on the page, nothing is sticking. And then I step away from the computer and go do something else.

So, aside from stories not told … Here’s a sliding scale of news.

Super good news…I took the last of the antibiotics this morning! I am so happy to put that behind me. (Ha – behind me!) Now, this next week I’m having a tooth pulled and will be very happy to have a different focus and to get back to exercising. Something I haven’t felt well enough to do all week.

Great news… We had friends drop in for a visit! Yay!

Pretty Good news… I am spending loads of time at the sewing machine and LOVE what I am creating.

Surprising Good news… Moser is coming for a visit soon and when Marian drops him off – we’ll eat a fancy cake and have an early birthday party for her. (don’t tell her.)

Very Sad news… Piers Hays died. I along with all of Bowen Island is mourning the passing of a beloved man who called everyone “Blue.” He did this to save himself the embarrassment of forgetting names. If you ever had a cuppa at the Snug on Bowen, he greeted you. He is the first death of a friend for me in 2016. I was wondering when and who. I’m so sorry it was he.

Crazy fucked up news… I am pissed off that as an ex-pat and Canadian I am having nightmares about US politics. So, for fuck sakes… STOP IT.

Silly news…this excuse for a post.


2 thoughts on “What’snewatthezoo

  1. Michael K

    Glad you’re done with the antibiotics, Jan. I sometimes leave your bloggy thing for a month or so, and then binge read a bunch of the posts. I had a bad tooth that I tried to keep for many years. 2 root canals, lots of pain, lots of unanswered questions for my dentist, and in the end, I was so happy when my newest dentist recommended that it get pulled. It’s been gone 3 months or so. Strangely, it had never occurred to me that they couldn’t fix it. I’ll eventually get an implant, but i’m not in a rush. Anyway, the one thing I kept out of it all, was learning about “pulling”. Good stuff. It has helped keep my mouth and gums healthy, and helped mitigate my bad tooth. I’ve been doing it for probably over 3 years every day. http://www.webmd.com/oral-health/features/oil-pulling

  2. Jan Post author

    My mother used to suck on butter. Yup – She would be truly puzzled and lament, “I don’t know why I’m so fat!” To which, I’d ask, “What do you have in your mouth right now?” She’s answer, “Just a little piece of butter.”
    My mother used to suck on butter, the way some people suck on a hard candy.
    Now, I like butter with the best of folks. — but sucking on it is about as gross to me as watching eye surgery. EW!
    I’ve looked into oil pulling. I wish I could, but for me… this is right up there with sucking on butter. EW!


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