February 29th, 2016 by Jan

When last we left off – I was complaining.

Not much has really changed on that note, but on a scale of 1 – 10 with 7 being where I was… I’m down several numbers and believe I will live.

That being said, I did not go to the pool today for fear of uncontrollable pooping. In fact I’m staying close to home.

Not everyone loves to hear about or talk about poop, but I do. It actually is one of my favourite topics. I find it a real measure of health and well-being and sometime, talking shit is a good thing.

Still, since Ken is one of the regular readers of this bloggy thing, I will refrain (as best I can) from poop talk as he is not a fan. ☺

The antibiotics are helping, but they do not set easy with me. I will be glad when life is back to normal.

Lately, I’ve really been thinking about how my dad would lament his lack of ability as he got older and sicker. He longed for the days he could run, lift weights, swim. He missed his health. I get it, I miss mine right now too. It’s no wonder he spent so much time in denial of his fragility.

Change is hard. I miss feeling great. Still, I do not think it is denial on my part when I say this. While I did miss going to the pool this morning, and only taking a short stroll around the neighbourhood yesterday, I know I will soon feel good again.

I have a cracked root in a tooth that has an infection. It will clear up. I will sing and dance again. I will take longer walks, splash in the pool, practice Tai Chi, and I will have a good shit again! I know it and I look forward to it. I will quit complaining!

The other day, my Aunt sent me some photos in the mail. One was this picture of my parents at their wedding. It’s a beautiful photograph. They stood with their wedding party in front of the church. Uncle Bob served as best man, Aunt Irene and Aunt Pearl were bridesmaids.

Aunt Pearl commented on how young she was. They all were. But, time passes. Three of the five in the photo are now dead. I was still 8 years in the making when this photo was taken.

No one knew what would happen for this young couple on their wedding day. I know they hoped for the best.

In life there is good and bad. If we are lucky we get a fair share of it. I’ve been luckier than most, in that my life scales tip with far more good than bad.

The point of this post — no point really. I just know everything changes, even poop, and for that I am grateful.

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