March 8th, 2016 by Jan

Today we celebrate International Women’s Day.

I am lucky to know A LOT of amazing women, and I salute them all.

Today, I’d like to call out Patti Brown in particular.

Patti is a young mother, we had the fortune to meet, when we first moved to Sechelt. Okay, I don’t really know her — I know her work.

We are lucky enough to have Patti comes to our house twice a month to clean. She does a bang up job cleaning everything from the floor to the ceiling for us. I know how spoiled I am to have her service and believe me, I am grateful for it.

But, cleaning houses is only one of her jobs. Check this out….

Patti made this amazing cake that, Marian, Ken and I ate it last night! The outside is decorated with incredible, beautiful flower details, and the inside was a vanilla cake filled with whipped cream and fresh strawberries! OH… Yeah!

Patti once told me, when she saw me sewing, that she didn’t have the patience to make a quilt. But, she said this, WHILE cleaning our toilet with a toothbrush!

How much patience do you need to do anything?

My theory is no patience is require if you are doing something that interests you.

I’m pretty sure cleaning toilets does not interest Patti, but doing her best — does.

I can say her passion, and patience shines through in all of her work.

And, I also know Patti works a lot. She told me she has at least three different jobs. AND she is a parent and partner as well. (I’m tired just thinking about it.)

So, today, I celebrate and salute all the women who are working two, three, and even four jobs with passion and patience — and especially Patti.

I am grateful she came into my life.

Patti Brown… I salute!

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