March 10th, 2016 by Jan

The sound of KA-BANG is not a good sound to wake up to.

In the last year, the sound of KA-BANG has gotten Ken and I out of bed, in the dark of the night, twice now.

KA-BANG is bigger than things that go bump in the night. KA-BANG in the night is never good.

Every body talks about the weather but, nobody does anything about it, and there isn’t much you can do about weather related KA-BANGS.

One of the reasons I like living on the coast is because of the weather. For the most part it is quite mild here.

We live in a rain forest. We get rain.

We also live on a hill (hence the view), and we get wind. The wind rolls up the hill like a howling… well, like wind will do. (A good writer would have a better description.)

I don’t mind the rain — the wind I can do without.

For me, big wind is down right scary.

Our house is built well enough and we are safe, the big trees around us probably won’t come down around us. we’ve only lost power once since we’ve lived here, and that was last night for about an hour.

Yet, the wind and the giant KA-BANG, had Ken and I up and outside, in the wind, at 4:30 this morning.

I held the flashlight while Ken tied things down. A big KA-BANG was the sound of the the stronger than tarp like canopy and frame, the van is parked under, ripping out of the ground.

That sucker is like a huge kite on nights when the wind blows. It is down right scary. (Did I already say that?)

Plus, I’m going to the dentist, so here’s hoping the power stays on and I don’t hear any more KA-BANGS

They say the month of March comes in like a lion. Well, up here on Samron Rd. it’s coming in more like a fucking big ass dragon. (A good writer would have a better description!)

1 thought on “thingsthatgokabanginthenight

  1. Jim

    “… it’s coming in more like a fucking big ass dragon. (A good writer would have a better description!)”

    I doubt it.


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