December 31st, 2012 by Jan

I was sharing some self-soothing exercises with the gang at the O a while back, and as I took them through several things they could do to help themselves feel better. One of the men in the class said, “You know, there are pills for that.”


We all know food is medicine, and that Tai chi and Qigong are healing arts. These statements are true and I live by them.

Here’s the rub.

Food and tai chi don’t work as fast as drugs. Food and practice take time, build the body, pave the way to the health and over the course of time, heal. It is the old hare and tortoise thing. And maybe we don’t get as sick when all the good practices are in place, but when I get hit with the crud just like the regular people of the world — I start chanting…

What do we want? Health! When do we want it? Now!

Good food and a regular practice are the steady road to health — but, right now – I just want to feel better. And feeling better is different from health. Feeling better is not feeling like crap, with a stuffy nose, fever, cough and low energy.

Day four and I’ve had it with ginger, garlic, lemon and honey. I’ve had my fill of apple cider vinegar and echinacea tea. I want a big slug of Nyquil. Because this addict wants to feel better now! And I know there are pills for it.

Bring in the clean and pure and let it pour over and around me… NOW!

PS, This morning, I am feeling a lot better. Perhaps it was because of the non-boozy, nighttime sniffling sneezing coughing aching stuffy head fever so you can rest medicine that I did finally take!

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  1. Laura B

    In pharmacy we say: if you have a cold and treat it aggressively, it will last about 7 days. If you do nothing, it will last about a week.

    Perhaps that’s why you feel better this morning! Cheers.


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