December 30th, 2012 by Jan

We have photos on the computer and a very few in photo albums, but plastered on the fridge with magnets is where we keep what’s dear.

Ken and I have been known to do the unthinkable in some peoples mind; we throw out photos. Digital photos have made it possible for us to keep more than I like, but it seems these days when we get photos, they will either end up in the trash or on the fridge.

I like looking at photos of friends, pretty places, and people I love, and certainly mean no disrespect when we toss a photo out after admiring it. But keeping it in a box in a closet doesn’t do much for me either.

I didn’t take photos for years, then would only take pictures of people, but last year I started taking ‘pretty place pictures’ for Today’s Step. A scenic photo is a nice touch that goes with the Newsletter and Facebook page. With the itouch, taking photos is as easy as click, click and while I was in New Mexico, the morning sunrise alone would easily garner 50 or so photos, each one prettier than the last. But seriously, I would look at them, keep a few and delete the rest.

The point of all this: Today we will do our year end ritual, and clean up the photos on our fridge. We like to change them once a year or at least take stock, talk about them, toss some, and move them around.

What and who we look at everyday is important to us.

We know several photos will make the cut without discussion. Sandie in tie-die, Marian in her fuzzy coat in Alaska, our moms… these are no brainers. Keep!

If today is anything like the last time we did this, we’ll keep about 90% of the same photos this year as we did last year and the year before that.

What will get tossed are some of the magnets and post cards from adventures, bus and ferry schedules need to be moved and with great respect to the past, I’d like to make a bit more room for the living; there are a lot of dead people and dogs up there now.

This sorting of the fridge photos, is a ritual we like. Memories will be sparked, stories will be told, and we will be reminded again how lucky we are to have such incredible people in our life.

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