December 29th, 2012 by Jan

Wide awake at four in the morning, I’m snorting, coughing and sneezing and can’t breathe through my nose. It is not a pretty picture. Since sleep eludes me, I started surfing the web.

65% of Canadians went shopping on Boxing day they say. (Who ever they are), I was a bit curious to see what folks were shopping for — so I googled it and all kinds of shit come up.

Amazon is tops, the Walmart of the web. What can’t you get there? But, for some strange reason their top shopping pick for me is a fancy dancy electric kettle. Boring! I click over to “the best of 2012” pages. I’m curious about the best reads of 2012. I write down all 10 selections from Salon.com, and set the goal to ready each of them, but truth be told, these reads seem a little too high flatulent for me. I see the real ‘best of’ contest was in who could write the best review.

Then I see an ad for journals. I love journals. Click… Journals galore. I see a Five Year Journal. One that asks a question on the top of each page, you write your answer and next year repeat and again for the next five years. This intrigues me. If I was asked the same question today as I was last year on this day — would my answer be the same? What about from 5 years ago? What about in 5 years? Hmmmmm.

I click away and find what they call a Dream Journal – what catches my attention about this one is that is has 224 pages! The description says to record your dreams for the year. 224 pages? Excuse me, but I sleep 365 nights a year and would want at least one page per dream. Okay, maybe they made a study and we only remember 224 dreams each year. I find it still a weird number of pages for a journal, until I see the one with 400 pages. I guess someday are just worth a couple of extra pages, maybe birthdays or Christmas. I’m assuming one journal is good for one year. I think this way because of the journals I’ve used for the last several years. Molskine journals are my total favourite.

This set is perfect for the compulsive with a short attention span. In other words this journal was made for me!

I’ve been writing a page a day, book a month, for five years now. I’m a little excited to start a new one next week, thanks to the Mayans being all wrong and all.

January 2013! Time to start thinking of a motto and perhaps today while I’m stuck in bed with this horrible sick, I might spend the day reading over the last few years of my entries in past journals. I’m curious to see if or  how I answer the questions of the day.

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