January 1st, 2013 by Jan

Happy New Year.

For me and Ken, its motto time. We started setting mottos on new years a long time ago.  Often our mottos have huge influence on us, they guide our thinking and actions for the year. There have also been mottos we totally forgot about or ignored by February. Some we look back on in hindsight and say, that was a good motto for the year. Sometimes we say, we missed the marked on that one. Still it’s a good practice and it sets an intention.

The new year is a time when we naturally look back, as well as look ahead and we do it at the same time with small adjustments. I think in order to see where we’ve been and look to where we hope to go, we need to stop and look around. All around. At everything.

Yesterday I did this. I literately turned a circle and took in as much as I could see. Last November I did this often. I would be looking in one direction, take a small step or just turn around, and I would be looking at something totally different without much effort. Different points of view in life come from shifting perspectives and sight lines. In 2013, I’d like to broaden my point of view.

The motto I choose for 2013 will be just one word this year.

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  1. Jenny


    If you get bored with the sweeping view, you can always forage between “p” and ‘”c” and create new intentions, including, but not limited to:


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