April 1st, 2013 by Jan

The early mornings are most enjoyable for me. Its quiet and usually pretty dark when I step outside to practice on the patio. But as the days get longer and spring starts up, I will have to wake earlier and earlier if I want the peace. This morning, there was such a cacophony of sound out there I felt as if I was at a concert.

Birds twittered, buzzed, tweeted and shrilled, and one crazy woodpecker was pecking the neighbours metal rainspout, doing his best to create as much attention as possible. All I could think of was that his beak must hurt, then I wondered where the croaking sounds of the frogs were. I don’t like frogs and would hate to get too close.

Now that the sun is up, other Springtime sounds are starting up. I already hear the children at the bus stop, and cars passing by the house, and soon it will be lawnmowers, dogs barking, and the neighbours music signalling the new season.

While Bowen isn’t really a noisy place, the peaceful quiet and darkness of the morning is changing. At least, the first sound I hear as we head towards Summer, probably won’t be me bumping into something as I begin the day.

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