April 2nd, 2013 by Jan

“That’s Bullshit!”

A client at the O was so angry yesterday morning he was shouting, “That’s Bullshit!” and yes, he was talking about the Qigong class.

This is not the first time BS has been mentioned in the same breath as Qigong, at the treatment centre. But it was the first time it was exclaimed when a client was told that a change had been made in schedule and that qigong would no longer be offered on Mondays.

The Qigong program at the O has been cut from five days a week to just four.

While I agree with the reasoning behind the schedule change, I have to admit, that I smiled, and took a little joy when I heard that at least one of the clients was disappointed, and decided to fight for the new way he’s learned to start the day.

Please raise your hands, it doesn’t always stink!

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