April 5th, 2013 by Jan

This is the ad I placed and posted.

Yard Sale Saturday, April 6 — 9am.
 Don’t mind the rain, everything is inside. We have three full rooms of goodies. You decide the price, and we say thank you!
1572 Tunstall Blvd. (around back, just follow the signs)

Downstairs the apartment and the training room are full of stuff we are hoping others will want and take away. We had a few sneak previews for friends, and several boxes of “treasures” have already made out the door.

This has been an interesting adventure for me. I’ve gone through every room in the house (and there are a lot of rooms in this house), touched almost everything we have, and as I do, my first thoughts is NO, not this. We are keeping this. Then it doesn’t take long before I think, yes, that can go, and before I take it downstairs, I tell the story of it.

“It came from my mom, or so and so gave that to us, or I’ve had that since high school.”

I find it absolutely fascinating how attached to things I can be, and then with just a tad of time, how unattached I can become.

The strange thing is, that looking around the house now, it really doesn’t look or feel any different.

Ken and I are resolved that after the yard sale, anything that didn’t go out the door, will get packed up and given to the Sally Anne or put in the bin. Letting go is an amazing process and a worthwhile experiment.

Come and get it!

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