March 30th, 2013 by Jan

Not every image is captured.

In this day and age when cameras are at the ready, and in hand, when anything interesting is going on, not recording a moment is rare.

This morning I even thought about interrupting everything to find a camera, I’m glad I choose not to. Some images in life are meant for the memory of mind. This morning will be one of them for me.

My description won’t do it the justice that taking a photo might have, but I have no regrets.

This morning, the moon was big and in the trees. It caused a long and strong shadow of everything in its path and I stepped in. I stood in the still and quiet dawn, a bit earlier than I usually do, and today I watched my moon shadow practice. It was delicious and quite beautiful.

I watched Peet’s shadow calmly walk through the quiet action with his tail high, and as I raised my hands over my head, again I thought about stopping, grabbing the camera, and capturing the moment. Instead I filled the gap by staying and moved gently in the moon river.

I’ll admit creating a few more gaps by singing the Cat Stevens, Moon Shadow song in my head, yet, this morning, I totally enjoyed a practice that started at the moon in the very early dawn, came through the trees in Tunstall Bay, and moved gracefully into my memory bank.

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