January 30th, 2015 by Jan

We’ve lived on the sunshine Coast for one week and one day.

So far — so good! No, so far — so really good! I like it. Having a view and looking out to the world suits me just fine.

I find unpacking to be just about as hard as packing was. Perhaps it is a bit more challenging, because what we brought — we think we really need and therefore need a place to put everything. I am hesitant to hang art work too. I don’t want to put holes in the walls, if I change my mind as to where something should go. More than anything, I want things to stay clean and clear and not get too cluttered too soon.

I have to say it was so great to have good moving boxes. We got lucky and snagged them from Marie and Rod who moved to Bowen a few months ago. The boxes also came with packing paper and I can’t tell you how grand it was to have good supplies.

It is also good that we’ve been able to pass them on. There is a Facebook FYI page for the coast here, I posted free boxes and in three days, three different people have been happy to take the boxes for their own adventure and we don’t have to figure out how to get rid of them! So great! Comes around — goes around.

So, the view is good. Really good. We do have a few power lines included in the view, but I don’t care. I am constantly looking out. We need to get good deck furniture soon, the folding chairs are okay for now, but… the eternal… I want.

This is this evenings sunset. 3

The house is wonderful. I feel good in it. It is built well and quiet. It also has good flow. It’s a two story house and we go up and down the stairs at least 100 times a day. The front door is downstairs, the kitchen is upstairs. Our rule of never going up or down without taking something is still in effect and seems to work well.

Downstairs, is Kens shop, my sewing room, (which will double for a guest room) the laundry and the big den like room, upstairs we both have offices, our bedroom, the living room and kitchen.

Peet is doing well. He has to go up and down stairs for the kitty box and he is 100% close to the box every time! ☺

Besides living in a super pretty place, the community is nice too. When we go out, we tell people we just moved here. Everyone has welcomed us and said we will love it. Folks are friendly! We went to the post office today and the two women there were super friendly, teasing me about Ken.

We also went to the Senior centre and became members. For $25. a year we can go there and eat lunch, volunteer, and participate in all types of activities. The place was buzzing today and the president of the centre  lives across the street from us. The lady who is in charge of programming is who we bought the house from. I’m beginning to feel like she could be a friend. Her mail keeps being delivered here so we’ve met several times to pass it on. Her husband is a wood worker and he and Ken get a long well too.

Motto update: I am sitting at the table for every meal. It feels good to participate.

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