January 29th, 2015 by Jan

I got the walking poles out for a heart beating walk this morning.

I thought about walking down the hill to the beach and changed my mind. I turned and started out east. Never before have I understood directions. I’m usually quite turned around and just go. But, now I’m savvy to the sunrise AND sunset. Our new house faces south and we get both!

I mean really! How perfect is that for someone who has wanted a view for a long time.

So, I start walking the neighbourhood, and it’s early, still dark. I see a glimpse of the sunrise, but I know I’m still too early. So, after a several blocks, I turn towards the water (south). I had to cross the Sunshine Coast Highway. It’s a busy road, but easy enough to wait for an opening.

I then started walking west. I know there is a beach access road, near Mason Rd. close to our house. I turned down it, and stood on a rocky beach, turned to the East and holy fuck!

This is what I saw!

So, I raised my hands and slowly put them down and enjoyed my first practice since moving here. Then I trudge up (north) to Samron Rd. and home.


No matter what direction I turn, I am filled with pure delight and gratitude.

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