February 1st, 2015 by Jan

The store is a mere 5 minutes away from our new house. I am slowly realizing that I do not have to take a ferry, plan all day, or load up on goods. I could come back tomorrow easy peasy.
What a freedom that is.

The store I’ve been to the most is called Claytons. It’s a family store that’s been on the coast for some 70 years. Our realtor Gord is a Clayton of the Claytons. It is a nice store. Not too fancy, and certainly not a big box store. It isn’t as spendy as Whole Foods and it has some, but not a lot of fancy food. It also doesn’t have a lot of generic cheap stuff either. There’s a good size organic section of stuff though and it seems like local foods are featured.

Today I went to get Super Bowl snacks. I figure Ken has a big, high def TV now, and he should watch the big game with some chips and salsa. I thought I’d also make a pizza.

What got me the most about Claytons today though was… I also wanted to buy some eggs. I went to the egg department and I swear I needed a guide book.

Brown eggs     Large Brown eggs    X-large Brown eggs
White eggs    Large White eggs    X-large White eggs
Free range Brown eggs    Free Range White eggs (all in various sizes too)
Vegetarian fed chicken and duck eggs
Non-tortured chicken eggs
Chickens that run free, but are fed crap eggs
Chickens that are caged, but fed non GMO feed
Eggs from chicken who willingly give their eggs
Eggs from Chickens who are forced to give up their eggs
Chickens who have to have an ultrasound and anal probe before their eggs are good to go.
And so on and on and on.

I stood for about 15 minutes looking at the eggs ranging in price from $2.99 to $7.99 for a dozen!

I left without eggs. Maybe next trip.


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