February 3rd, 2015 by Jan

All the boxes have been opened, sorted and the stuff for the most part, has found a home, in our new home.

I’m happy with all the culling we did before the move. It makes what we did take seem important.

I’m not a fan of things in storage. Use it or lose it is a good motto — but somethings, need to be stored or at least out of the way until we are ready to use it. There are six boxes like this under the stairs. One box that I’ve been hauling around with me for years now is a box of  “memory clothes.” ☺

It is weird what we get attached to, but the Taoist Cowboy sweat shirt Sam gave me and the tie-dye jumper Sandie made for me, the girl scout shorts that I wore a hundred years ago, the circle skirt … for some strange reason, I feel the need to continue to haul them around with me. So be it.

Ken and I are both surprised at how fast getting the house together took, even Kens shop is coming together well. We thought we would take a lot more time, but when you focus on a project — it gets done. There were days last week, all we did was unpack.

We still haven’t hung all the art work. Looking at the space — we also didn’t need to get rid of all that we did. Well, except that the moving van was packed to the gills and I doubt there was room for one more box, so maybe we got rid of just the right amount.

If I haven’t said it yet — or two thousand times — I like it here. I like this house, the view, the community. I like it here.

I started taking morning walks, but I haven’t found my practice yet. It will come. I am walking on sidewalks in neighbourhoods. That’s different from bushwhacking the back trails of the Cape. My camera stays in my pocket more. I did see a small dirt path yesterday, but had no courage to explore it. Everyone is constantly talking about the bears! Before we left Bowen, our friend Tyler, asked about the last news report of someone being eaten by a bear over here. I admit I haven’t heard of one, but do I need to be the first or next?

I walked by two emus yesterday. They were pretty cute and quite curious as to what I was doing. There’s a botanical garden down the road that we need to check out someday.

For now, I’m happy to be home.

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