February 26th, 2018 by Jan

The Olympic flame is out.

We can take a break from hours of TV and rest up from all the cheering and hoo-ha of the Olympics. But, we can’t take too log a break, as the Para-Olympics games start up in a few weeks!

Now, the Para-Olympics games have all the same sports as the “regular” games; it’s just that in these games the athletes are blind or only have one leg.

I know we won’t be able to watch as much as I’d like, because the CBC won’t cover these games as much. There just isn’t the same kind of money provided for showing a blind guy fly down a mountain on skis at 70 miles per hour, no matter what country they’re from.

Plus, you can only imagine the metaphors the announcers could come up with…

Wow, he didn’t see that coming! She doesn’t have a leg to stand on…

Yeah – probably not.

For now, it’s all good. Like I said, I need a break from the fast forward button and the big TV. We’ve other stuff to do.

By the way – in case you didn’t hear… I swam a mile last Saturday. Actually I swam a little further as I didn’t want to come up short in case my count was off.

In 57 minutes, I swam 70 lengths of our 25 metre pool.

I’m pretty darn chuffed with myself and don’t mind tooting my own horn with this accomplishment.

I don’t know if a mile will become my workout, it was hard and I sure was tired after. I know several friends who swim a mile on a regular basis. Toot-toot to them!

Still, something happened to me over the last 7 weeks, I actually look forward to going to the pool now!

I’ll do my best to keep the schedule of three times a week at twoonie time. My bar will remain set low, at swimming a minumum of 30 minutes. If I do more – bonus. Toot-toot!

Never forget this addict prefers to change her goals to meet her behaviour rather than change her behaviour to meet her goals!

Did I tell you I swam a mile? I meant to!

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