February 23rd, 2018 by Jan

Yes, the Olympics are still on and I’m still in front of the TV.

Recording the CBC 24/7 has been the best thing we ever did regarding these games. We’re able to watch the events we love, and fast forward through commercials and the blah, blah. (of which there is a lot!)

Snow boarders and skiers are my favourite. I’m not a big fan of skating sports. Speed skating gets my heart rate up too high. I can’t stand it when they crash. I don’t watch hockey, or figure skating. Except I had watch Tessa and Scot, because they are Canada’s sweethearts and they did good. I also fast forward to the 10th end in curling and then watch the last rock thrown for all the teams.

I’m disappointed in the Women’s hockey game. Not the game itself – I didn’t watch it. I heard everyone played well, and a shoot out is not the way to decide a game, but the Canadian women were sore sports, and that put a twist in my knickers.

Of course every one plays to win, and with this level of skill, on any given day, any given team or athlete could get gold. They know it, yet acting like a silver medal is crap is… well… crap. Shame on them.

Once again, I’m going to comment on the commentators – I know it is a hard job and for some reason, going quiet and just watching the sport is not part of their job description. So, while in giving us the blow by blow, they come up with some wonderful metaphors to describe the events.

Here are just a few…
• Another big tree falls
• She left her cake in the oven too long
• He’s on the ropes
• He played his cards too early
• Only she knows what is left in her tank
• You can decorate a cake all you want, but if it doesn’t taste good…
• I like that we were invited to his party
• A soft drink away from movie night
• They have a cushion and window, but better not sit back and enjoy the view

And then there are the cheers …
• Stop, drop and open up shop!
• One, two, stomp and cue the crowd!

and my favourite commiseration…
• So disappointing, but, this is a hard sport — you really need skill.
(this was said during ski cross, when no one crashed or died and they all crossed the finish line within .03 of each other!)

I say, cue the crowd! Woot-woot!

Did I mention I love the Olympics? I also really love the fast forward button!

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