February 19th, 2018 by Jan

What I learned this week.
A lap in a pool is up and back. A length is one way, and a lane is the what you swim in.

So, while I was tooting my own horn about swimming 40 laps — according to this new knowledge, I actually only swam 20, but I did them all in my own lane!

It is weird to have swimming be a thing for me, I have is a lot of baggage attached to a pool.

My dad was a serious swimmer. He was a swimming teacher and swimming coach for his career. I know my brother Bill swam competitively both in school, and at least once in a seniors meet.

My brother Art, was the swim teams manager in high school, but I don’t think he swam.

I do remember my dad picking Art up and tossing him in the pool and yelling “Alligators!” I know Art got out of the pool somehow.

I never learned to be comfortable in the water. As children we spent a lot of time messing around in pools. And, I’ve had at least two near drowning experiences in my life. (good times!)

When we worked at Bowen Island Sea Kayaking – I was able to do a wet exit from a kayak, without getting my hair wet.

I’m more comfortable with my feet on the ground and my head in the clouds, than with my face wet and limbs splashing around in the water.

But, as the IChing notes, more will be revealed and perseverance furthers.

I’ve been to the pool three times a week for over a month now. I’ve made steady progress with laps, lanes and lengths.

I not reached the goal of swimming a mile yet, but I am still showing up for twoonie time.*

I’ve said, I really like how I feel when I get out of the pool — today, for the first time, I’m looking forward to getting in.

Oh what a world we live in!

*A small window of time, at the Sechelt Aquatic Centre, when it only cost two bucks to get in.

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