February 16th, 2018 by Jan

I do not know my place in the world on the grand scale of life, and I don’t really care about it.

I have no illusions about life before or after this one. I care nothing for legacy. I only know, I am here now, and am glad for it.

My place in fitness class, on Tuesday and Thursday morning, is an entirely different thing.

Fitness class at the Sechelt Activity Centre is super fun.

The instructor is wonderful! For a little over an hour, Jacquie leads us in heart pounding aerobics, strength training exercises, and muscle relaxing, stretches.

It’s a class I look forward to and feel great leaving from. (Unlike swimming where, so far, I only feel good leaving the pool!)

The gym we gather in is big. It’s a good thing too, because often 60 people plus, come to this class. I’m talking numbers of people in the class and not age.

Of course, we move a lot around the gym, but like musical chairs, when ever we face the front of the room — everyone finds their place!

June, Jane and John are on the far right middle section. Anne, Helmut, and Kathy hang out in the back.

My place is in the second row, far left. Michael is on my right. In front of me is Elisabeth and Renata. I have no clue who is behind me.

As in any class, we all find our preferred power spots.

I’ve taught enough classes to know this. If I think back to different classes, I’ve taught or taken, I can tell you to a tee who stood where.

The first year I learned Tai Chi, I stood behind Darryla, who wore the same worn out, and ripped pair of pants to class for the longest time.

It wasn’t long before, I became a front row centre, type of student. I didn’t want to miss anything and I admit to being a bit of a suck up, to whoever was teaching.

I mention this, only because, yesterday Elisabeth wasn’t there for part of the class. At least she wasn’t in “her spot”.

It was weird, every one in our little corner of the class was a bit off. Finally, she came in late and took her spot — we all got comfortable again. Ann who’s spot is right of Elizabeth, gave her hell. “Where were you? We were worried sick!”

I smiled.
I get it. We all need our special spot, if not in the world, at least in class. And we count on those around us to have theirs.

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