February 27th, 2018 by Jan

Let’s talk about pot.

Okay, since this bloggy thing is not really a conversation, but a place for my rambles, what I meant to say is….

I’m going to talk about pot.

I’ll put it out right from the start. I’m not a fan.

I’ve certainly been high on it, but it’s never been my “drug of choice.” Actually given the choice — pot is probably the last mind altering thing I’d choose.

Me and pot do not get along. I get paranoid and itchy. The times I’ve gotten high, all hell tends to break loose. Something big will happen, and I will either have to run, or hide, or talk to someone in authority. That’s me. I do not get or enjoy a harmless buzz.

I know a lot of people do. I also know a lot of people who have wine with dinner or a shot of whiskey in the evening. Again, I’m not one of them.

Pot will be legal in Canada very soon. Yet, I wonder what that will change, maybe the government will make more money, maybe more treatment centres will need to open, maybe nothing will change.

What I see, and have seen for years is pot is already everywhere. Those that consume it, consume it. Where and how does not seem to make a difference to them.

There are very few times I go anywhere, be it to the grocery store, or a hike in the bush, that I’m not “treated” to the order of pot in the air.

Seriously – it does not matter if I’m hiking in the bush or walking downtown, on the main street of our little town, I smell pot. People already smoke it everywhere, and have for years.

Pot isn’t yet legal, and yet the small town of Sechelt, has three pot stores selling weed already.

There was an article on the inter-web that was worried that cops, doctors and airplane pilots would be coming to work stoned when pot was legalized. You know, like they’d be smoking joints with their coffee breaks, because — it’s legal and they’d now have the right.

Maybe they forget that booze is legal. Now, while I know there are cops, doctors and pilots who have alcoholism, and many are what we call “maintenance” drinkers, and do show up at work loaded, but the majority of people don’t drink on their coffee breaks. Just as the many folks who get high, don’t come to work stoned.

Now, I know, I know… many say, and maybe it’s true, that pot is less harmful to individuals and society as a whole than booze is… and while that MAY true, don’t forget I worked at a treatment centre for 12 years.

Pot can fuck up the best of a person, just as easily as any substance can.

I’ve no where to go with this ramble or rant — except to say, I prefer not to debate the merits of weed, and I really don’t want to smell pot when I’m out in the world.

But, that’s just me.

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