February 28th, 2018 by Jan

Ken and I are going to Vegas Baby! We are going to visit my brother Art, in his new home.

It will be a fast easy peasy in and out trip.

We already have tickets to attend the potato and salad dinner at the community centre in Art’s housing complex. (I hear they may have karaoke).  Art also promises to take us sight seeing, including Hoover Dam. We are not big casino people, so passing on them will be easy.

I know we will eat well, sing a lot, play name that tune, and we will laugh. We will laugh a lot.

Then hopefully, get home before anyone pulls a gun.

I admit to being nervous in going.

First off – I prefer road trips in the van, to flying the friendly skies. And I’m not a big fan of crossing the border into a country where there is a fucker in the white house.

All that will be put aside though, because I can’t wait to see Art and his new digs!

I’m so lucky to have him in my life. I know he will do everything possible to make sure Ken and I have a fantastic trip.

The biggest challenge has been to know when it’s safe to buy the Hawkins Cheezzies we want to take to Art for a present.

They were on sale last week, but we peaked early. I bought a few bags, and we ate them, watching the Olympics.

It was then suggested to me by a good friend, that we buy them at the airport, and put them in checked luggage if we really want Art to get them.

We’ll be home before we know it.

Please send thoughts and prayers.

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