August 20th, 2019 by Jan

It’s hard to know the road not taken.

Yet, I do try to image it.

I like to image that, my life is exactly as I live it today, with the ONLY difference of, at times I’d like to sit on the deck and enjoy a glass of wine, maybe a bit of scotch.

However… that is not my reality today.

I know full well, I am as unique as the next person, and am told I ride a slippery slope.

Yet really, so much of what I’ve been told about being able to stay sober, has not been true for me.

I was told, for instance, that I’d have to go to meetings for ever and ever, if I wanted to stay sober. That’s not true. I was told, I had to have a spiritual solution to my “problem”. Again, that’s not true.

I do not believe in a power greater than myself. I have not and will not turn my will and my life over to any made up anything. I am not powerless, and thinking is an amazing asset.

I am sane, smart, loved, and teachable. I am open minded and quite willing to take life on life’s terms.

I know who I am, I’ve done the work — I have a story.

What is true about my sobriety is I will never know the road not taken. At least, I won’t find out today.

Today, I sally forth, and live happily with my decision not to drink booze.

Tomorrow though… tomorrow, I will revisit my decision. Just as I’ve done everyday for the last 35 years.

And tomorrow once again, I’ll choose which road I want to take.


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