September 16th, 2019 by Jan

While I don’t update this bloggy thing very often, I do think about it everyday. Okay, not true, what I think about everyday is writing.

I feel to get any story down, I need the opening line or at least a topic or a rant to get me started.

This weekend, I found the rant.

A little background.

About six months ago, I made a big change in a life long habit.

I quit eating snacks. I did not go on a diet. I just quit snacking.

Well, lordy, lordy… go figure, I’ve lost more than 15 pounds because of this one giant change.

I could write a billion stories about me and my weight and the struggle to be, and the acceptance of reality and blah, blah, blah… I’ve wanted to lose 10 pounds since I was in high school, but I also never wanted to change anything. Now, a mere 46 years later… I have.
Anyway – it’s been quite a journey.

Now, a side effect of losing weight is… my pants are baggy. I’m wearing a belt for the first time in my life. I don’t necessarily need or want new pants though. It feels nice to wear something with a bit of breathing room.

Still, this weekend, we went to a yard sale, and I found a couple pairs of jeans, in a smaller size, and without trying them on, I thought I’d take a chance. They looked almost new and were only two bucks.

When I got home, I noticed that both pairs of jeans have big important, fancy designers labels on the back pockets. Ooo-La-La.

Yippee, the pants fit… $2. well spent.

Except… and here is the rant…

Fucking women’s jeans made by fancy dancy designers have the smallest pockets EVER!


In case you are a designer reading this, please know… women carry shit in their pockets! I mean, there’s absolutely no room for keys, change, not even a few dog treats. My thumbs barely fit into these pathetic designer after thoughts. No one can call them pockets!

I don’t usually comment on the different ways things are marketed to men and women. (okay, yes I do) For instance, Ken’s barber charges him $15. to cut his hair, my barber changes me $40. I buy men’s face cream at the Saturday Market because it costs $5. less than the face cream the same lady makes for women, with the same ingredients!

What ever… but… Pants all pants, (no matter how good your bum looks in them)… ALL pants, and most dresses, need usable fucking pockets!

Once again, I am reminded of the amazing life I am fortunate to live, if this is my great offence today. Double whew.

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