August 14th, 2019 by Jan

About two weeks before I met Ken, I got a dog.

I’d had it with relationships and decided enough is enough, I would be “a girl and her dog!”

I will also say, I knew nothing about what it took to have a dog. Nothing. But, I saw an ad in the paper, and went to meet Laska.

Laska was a 5 year old Borzoi’s and “not up to standard.”  An older couple had their hands full and wanted to give her a better chance. Little did they know – I had no clue, but still, I was determined to be “a girl and her dog!”

Somehow we would be just fine, and off we went together into the world.

Two weeks later, I met Ken and moved to Colorado. I was now a girl with a dog, that lived with a boy and his cat!

Ken had a fenced yard and all was just fine. Ignorance is bliss, or maybe the way people had pets back in the day was different. We thought nothing of leaving Laska in the yard as we went about our business. There was no routine around the dog.

We fed her, and played with her sure… but, in truth we treated her as one would a cat. She was very “independent”.

We have some wonderful memories with Laska.

She was a runner! Once when we were in Taos, she ran down a jack rabbit in three feet of snow! She was quite proud dragging that rabbit up to show us.

She would run in circles in the yard when a particualr neighbour rode his motorcycle pass her. She had a way of jumping the fence when we were gone, and was always home when we returned. I told her, if she would jump back in, we’d never know that she had been out cruising!

She didn’t like anyone in uniform, (girl scouts included.) We called her the meter reader eater!

Did I mention she could run? A Borzoi is a Russian Wolfhound, Laska looked like a greyhound covered in collie fur. A sight hound and super fast runner. Once, on the Oregon coast, we measured the paw prints she left in the sand when she ran. They were over six feet apart!

Zoom was her favourite speed.

Laska was happiest when we moved to the house in Oregon with a bit of acreage.

Honestly thinking about it now, I am horrified at how little care or attention she got from us. We let her run free up there. She came home at nights, slept in the bedroom with us on her own bed, but for the most part — she was “independent.”

Laska was smart, yet, because of the “freedom” we gave her, it was no surprise that she also had a serious stubborn streak. When she didn’t want to do something, especially if I wanted her to… all hell would break loose. Oh the drama!

Honestly, I could get so angry and frustrated with her. She could really get my goat!

It was a good thing, Ken and I could tag team when she or I got in one of our moods! Ken had the patience, I lacked.

When Laska was 11 or 12 she got sick and her running free days were over. We were lucky to have a friend who was a vet, come to the house. She died in our arms. Oh, we cried and missed her.

It was quite a few years later on Bowen Island, that Ken and I got another dog.

We were super lucky to get Lucy. We knew a little more about what a dog needed in the world, but Lucy was so smart, and she taught us what to do and not to do. Lucy was the one who showed me, that dogs are NOT cats and should not be treated as such!

Then came Cricket and after her, Boze. Two absolute perfect dogs for us. Both were loving, and well behaved without issues and super sweet personalities.

This all brings me to our current joy –  SusieMuMuBoze!

We call her Boze. I had three Peets, so another Boze only seems fitting.

Now, while ALL the Peets had the exact same personality… this Boze, is a bit different from the first Boze, in that she has a serious stubborn streak, that reminds me of our dear Laska!

When she does or doesn’t want to do something — she can hold her ground. We’ve had a few stand offs that make us glad we are retired, and have all fucking day!

Boze2 has no problem jumping onto the bed or sofa, but “needs” help to get into the car. Twenty minutes can pass, as we all wait for her to get in. BTW – she takes less than 2 seconds to get out of the car.

We try to have a steady routine for her now. She’s had a lot of changes in her short life and we want her to know she is safe and well loved.

One standard ritual is that she and Ken go pee in the back yard together, first thing in the morning; then again last thing each night.

so, last night, just like clockwork — she and Ken went for their nightly whiz and well… her stubborn streak set in and there was a stand off. The two of them were in the back yard for over 45 minutes.

Go pee! No! Sniff, sniff… wander, wander… Go pee! NO! The dog would NOT pee.

I know Ken to be one of the most patient men in the world, and he was sorely tested.

I can say, we don’t ask much of a dog.— really we only ask what we expect of a child. Be polite and come, sit, stay and go. A dog doesn’t need to do tricks for us, but they should have a pee before calling it a day!

This sweetie SusieMuMuBozie doo dog meets all our criteria. She’s a good natured delight. Her personality is starting to shine through, and fair enough, she is testing us and her boundaires.

We are good dog people now, we’ve learned a lot since dear Laska. There is no doubt that we are her people, she is our dog. Ken and I know the value of consistency and feel we are reasonable in our requests.

Last night, Boze won.

She went to bed with a full bladder. Ken called it a night fed up and frustrated.

Oh, the drama, trauma, joys, and celebrations a pet can bring.

We were told Boze will be six years old in November, but I think maybe they are wrong. She’s acting more like she was born in May, as she has the stubborn and steadfast traits of a Taurus or a Borzoi!

She reminded me of Laska last night. SusieMuMuBoze gave Ken that loving look of… I know what you want… but… NOPE, not gonna happen!

As of todayt –  the score is Jan and Ken 2,000 and Boze 1.
On we go!

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  1. Anna Marie Michael

    Love this blog. I laughed about the peeing in the yard and you thinking that it was silly when I would remind Doodlebug to pee as she was so busy sniffing to remember to pee.


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